Need a graphics card ati or other.

got around a 100 bucks to spend on this and will be getting a new 24 inch or around that monitor and seems newegg changes every other day on specials and promos so anything out there a great deal I should look at or compusa as I have one right by the house or on line if they have something better than newegg which doesnt happen often. 450 series been told or 4750 I think just so many to choose from and dont want to get something that people know isnt good by brand or for the money can get a better one. dont play many games but will be doing photoshop stuff and told can use as much as some good games do for graphics so need some help here.
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  1. Go to Toms front page, to the "Best graphic card for the money article", pick a card from there based on your budget.
  2. full system specs and monitor specs please...
    will you be doing any gaming at all?
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