Another 5770 on my current setup?

hi guys
i currently have a decent system which includes the following:
phenom ii 720 @3.1
3gb of patriot 800mhz 4-4-4-12
asus m4a78-e motherboard
600w high efficient psu
500gb western digital hdd
and asus cucore 5770

however i wondered if it would be worth getting another 5770 for a little more performance however would i see a noticable gain in games like black ops and bad company 2 or moh,
i play at 1440-900, also would a second 5770 is xfire bottleneck on my current system as it is not ddr3.

also i would like to ask is there a huge performance difference between ddr2 dual channel 800mhz to ddr3 dual channel 1333?
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  1. If your mobo doesn't support DDR3, you can't use it (your mobo only supports DDR2).

    Adding a second 5770 would boost potential GPU performance. What resolution do you typically game at?
  2. "i play at 1440-900" at that resolution there'd probably be little bit of a bottleneck, but nothing major, ever tried unlocking the 4th core?. That'd help too.

    You should also consider selling your 5770 and getting a single 6870 or even 6950
  3. I don't think you mobo even has a slot for a second card to go in yet alone a 8X or quicker one.
  4. It has 2 PCI-E x16 slots, but operates at 2 x8 when in CF mode.
  5. Sorry I stand corrected
  6. Here is the link. Details tab has the basic specs:

    Here is the Asus website with more:

    Not a bad mobo at all, BTW.
  7. i dont think you will see much performance at such a low resolution. You should be playing at good FPS with that card at that res, unless you have AA at 8x or somethng... This comparison should answer your questions,2464.html?prod%5B4566%5D=on&prod%5B4572%5D=on
  8. I think for that res a 5770 is pretty good. Similar money (to an extra 5770) would get you a PII x4 955 BE and I reckon that would be much more beneficial at your res.
    (I use a 5770 in the front room for gaming up to 1080p in some titles on my HDTV and it still puts out decent frames)
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