Intel DZ68BC won't boot

Just got a new DZ68BC mobo and I'm having trouble booting. Power to the mobo seems good since I get the green power LED on the board. When I try to power it with the onboard button the PME LED light flashes as well as the power button. No fans turn on and no beeps. Removed all components but the CPU and still same issue. Any ideas?
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  1. Just to go through a check list to see what you have and have not checked;
    Is the cpu power connector pluged in?
    Is the main 20/24 pin motherboard connected and seated all the way in?
    Are all the power connectors pluged in and seated all the way in?
    Are you sure that the power supply is good?
    To test the psu you can try the paper clip test;
  2. I would bet on the cpu power connector not being plugged in. If you are still having problems after checking all of these plug ins you can give our technical support a call at 916-377-7000 and they should be able to help trouble shoot and if needed set up an RMA on the board.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Thank you guys! Turns out my PSU was acting up, funny since it ran my previous setup. I had another PSU plugged in and it booted up right away. One of my Memory modules seems bad though since I had a 2E error with both plugged in. Took one out and everything is fine now. Thanks again.
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