Gateway unable to connect

Hi I am using someones wifi thats unsecure (no password) This comes up sometimes and kicks me off facebook. Any idea to stop it? Every other site works..

Intermittent Connection Issue
The Connection Monitor has detected that your gateway is unable to establish a connection. This problem is often caused by noise on the phone line due to unfiltered telephone devices.

* Check that your gateway is connected to the socket marked ADSL MODEM on the filter/splitter
* Check that the socket marked WALL SOCKET on your filter/splitter is connected to your telephone wall socket.
* Ensure that all other telephone devices (including phones, answering machines and faxes) that share the phone line with your ADSL service have a filter/splitter fitted between it and the wall socket
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  1. p.s. i have a mac

    is there anything i can do in the airport settings to fix this or not?
  2. anyone want to reply or what?
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