Stealth American --World's Smallest Watercooled Full PC>>>UPDATE 1

The Stealth American is the world's smallest full featured computer while maintaining a full liquid cooling system.

Case -> Silverstone Sugo 05 (Smallest full GPU case on the market)

Parts list is as follows
  • ASRock Itx Motherboard HT
  • Intel 2500K
  • Full GPU (undecided, working with a 560ti)
  • 2x 3.5 hard drives.
  • up to 4x SSDs
  • Full ATX Silverstone 600W PSU
  • HWLabs 120 GTStealth
  • Swiftech Apogee XT waterblock
  • Swiftech 355 pump
  • Swiftech 355x top
  • Swiftech Microres
  • either 1x Feser triebwerk or 2x any other 120mm fans in push pull.
  • intergated 5.25 fan controller
  • Bitspower of course
I hope I got everything :)
All while leaving space for a slim dvd/blu drive and a Silverstone OEM card reader.

Full featured means
  • pump->block->rad->res
  • Push pull for rad
  • 2SSDs in RAID
  • at least 1 3.5 for storage.
  • Disk drive and card reader
  • Full sized GPU
Worklog Contents (preplanned will add extra things if needed)
  • Parts parts and more parts. >unpacking
  • Layout is fun and boring >Various layouts
  • Kiss my feet >case feet
  • SSD super small drives >SSD placement
  • This is too cool >radiator testing
  • To the left! >radiator placement
  • Can you say 6TB? >hard drive placement
  • Fix my face >front panel work
  • Veni vidi vivox (I came I saw I powered) >powersupply modding and placement
  • In with the old >controller rewireing with pata cables :)
  • Pinnacle, peak, summit, apex, zenith, Apogee! >block instalation
  • Off with its....wing >space for larger GPU
  • Pump this up >pump placement and instalation
  • It doesent hold water! >res installation and problems ;( -no not leaks...of course not
  • Bling Bling >paint and gloss
  • finaltouches >cables lights and whatever
  • the paparazzi flashes > photo time
Only half way done but this is the roadmap.

I could use a better name so suggestions are welcome.

Comparison to 'Mini-me'
To clarify because some people are wondering
and as I said, this is a full computer, in the smallest space possible.
And for the record I think that oliverw92's work is incredible, and I wouldnt have even thought of this if I didnt see Mini-me. I went as far as to copy the entire photos directory after the links broke on his forum posts.

Stealth A. Mini Me
Full size GPU (580) half sized
Full WC loop (pump,res,block,rad) closed block/pump loop
Push pull 2fans 1 fan-external one on magazine.
600W ATX 250W SFX
4 or 2x2.5ssd and 2x3.5hdd 2x2.5 ssd
Card reader metal feet

Link to Mini Me And for those who want to see I've included a zipped version of the pics @
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  1. Looks cool. The project is not finished or did I miss something?

    And i figured getting 2 3.5s in was enough
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