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I use my pc mostly for gaming. Can you upgrade a Sony Vaio all in one J series intergrated computer?
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  1. Not really. Once you max out the memory your options become much more limited. You can usually replace your HDD with a faster, larger capacity model. If you are really brave, you can take it apart and add a faster CPU, but these systems are more like laptops than desktops and there isn't a lot you can do to expand them.

    What model do you have and what do you have in mind?
  2. I have a VGC-JS200 Series Sony Vaio. Need better graphics card. Or can you suggest a specific allocation amount.
  3. From what I saw on-line, you can't upgrade the graphics card. In the BIOS, I am sure you have memory allocation settings (I assume that is what you are asking about). If so, anything more than 512MB (if supported would be a waste). In fact, 256 is probably good assuming you have 2 to 4 GB of main memory.
  4. I do have 4 GB of main memory. Basically, there's nothing I can do to upgrade my graphics. I guess I'll look in the BIOS and look at the mem allocation.
  5. Been reading your comments! I am brave but cannot get into my Sony VPCL14, can you give me some clues to help get the back off?
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