Modding low-profile case to accept full size expansion cards

Hi everyone,

I'm really digging the thin trend in hardware lately, and really wanted to build my next rig in a very thin chassis. I've already gone down the small case route for a while (current rig is in a Silverstone SUGO 3) but I really hate the boxiness of today's cubes. The overall volume might not be that much, but its a fugly brick of a pc.

But, I'm not accepting anything less than a full-size graphics card, so I figure I will need to get creative. I looked around, but there are very, very few thin cases designed to take full-size cards using risers. It seems that the vast majority only take low-profile expansion cards, but I don't want to be limited to a Radeon 5770 or whatever the cap is for low-profile gpus.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience modding a low-profile case to accept full size expansion cards installed horizontally, instead of the normal vertical placement. For example, I really like Silverstone's ML03 but unfortunately it is low-profile. Do 4 low-profile slots provide enough space to cram in a full-size double slot graphics card in a horizontal orientation instead? I'd appreciate any help on this, thanks.
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  1. i was thinking the same thing, maybe use a pcie horizontal mount riser card, if you can find one. You will have to have some serious ventillation and noise of fans to keep it cool though. I dont think its really a viable option. Is there a reason you want it to be low profile? You also have to realise a low profile psu wont be able to handle a higher end vid card.
  2. Yes, I was thinking of using a riser card to mount a card horizontally. Obviously it would take some dremeling at least to do so.

    Sure, I'll need some ventilation, but what case doesn't? I really don't think it will be too bad though.

    As far as psus go:
    1. The particular case I mentioned, the ML03 takes standard atx psus
    2. I'm thinking of getting something along the lines of an i5 sandy bridge + radeon 6950, so a 350W psu will be more than enough. There are even 350W SFX psus I could use if I needed more room. And if you disagree about 350W being enough, you're harboring serious delusions about power requirements.
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