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HD 5870 vs HD 6970

Hello fella... I want to know, can hd 6970 beat hd 5870 in all latest game bencmarh.?
Thaxx for replay.. Oh.. and a resolution at 1600x900. :)
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  1. This is at the 6970 release, before drivers have been improved for them at all, so there is a chance their benchmarks have room to improve:,2818.html

    It appears the 6970 does beat the 5870 in every benchmark. It does compete with the 6950 a lot.
  2. So.. HD 5870 are good then HD 6970.. right.? I almost plan to buy it.... I need to change my target...
  3. the 6970 def beats the 5870 in benchmarks, but it also offers much better scaling performance in crossfire and imo better performance in heavy dx11 in general. Furthermore the 6970s 2gb of memory gives it better performance when higher then 1080p. But since the 5870 has dropped in price to the circa 250 range it is still a good value if you are going for a single card, but still for $300 I would much rather go with the 6950 with the good potential to unlock it to a 6970 with a bios flash all making the 6950 the best buy imo.... although at your res even a 5850/6850/6870 would be more than acceptable which are all for the most part a little bit slower (with the exception of an oc'ed 6870/5850/6850) then the 5870 so the differences are hard to quantify but I would say the six series is worth the price increase, and if you can afford it go for a 6950.. and I believe the unlocking guides are on guru3d.

    also depending on what benchmarks you are referring to the information could be valid or not

    what are the rest of your system specs and what games do you plan/plan to play??

    will you upgrade the monitor in the future??
  4. Ok.. sorry for misunderstanding. I'm suck in english. In this case you suggest me to get 6950 right... Ok.. that beyond my budget n still can afford..
  5. dinkle85 said:
    Ok.. sorry for misunderstanding. I'm suck in english. In this case you suggest me to get 6950 right... Ok.. that beyond my budget n still can afford..

    yeah overall I would recommend the 6950, it will basically be overkill but more futureproof, look at my post again and answer the questions if you can I edited it after your comment came in ^^^^^
  6. Oo.. i think i will stay with my resolution and doest want to change it
    my spec:
    550 GX cooler master
    M4A78 Mobo
    Amd phenom 955
    4G ram
    HD 5770.

    I want to change my graphic card cause a new game now need a more powerfull Card, so i still searching the best for my cpu...
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    yeah your cpu is fine if anything your 5770 is holding you back, I would recomend getting a 6950 and unlocking it to a '70 you will not be dissapointed imo
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  9. Thank my friends lots of advice and guide that you can give to me.
    I appreciate your help.... I will go for 6950 like you suggest to me... Thank bro : )
  10. thank you bro, happy gaming
  11. these quotes overall resonate my feelings towards the 69XX series, but I feel in the end that the 2 gigs of memory will be more future proof when mainstream games ran at 1080p require more than 1 gig for high everything, or when 25X16 is basically adopted and used as commonly as 1920X1080 is today. Although I dont think that many games exist that truly test this but I feel once dx11 becomes more widely used, (not just a few renderings here and there) then the 6 series of amd will surpass the 5 series even more but for now there is not that much of a quantifiable difference.

    The same argument can be made for the 6850/70 and the 5850/70 cards are all similar in performance, but the 6 series can scale much better in crossfire ans supposedly has an improved (not by much imo) tessellation system and are supposed to perform better in heavy dx11 environments being that they are amds 2nd gen series of dx11 cards. However my argument again is that I do not believe that there are many games in the dx11 arena that truly take the gpus to their limits of dx11, in fact in the dawn of the 5 series for amd it felt like they just figured out dx10 so I just think its going to be a while longer (maybe even a console upgrade) until we start seeing big margins between amds 5 and 6 series,

    agree?? disagree?? comments??
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