Power supply or motherboard failure?

So my motherboard is relatively new, the power supply is coming to 3 years now, earlier in the week after moving my pc from above to below the desk(no problems under the desk before), it randomly turned off. This happened again the next day, and again just now, after this occurs i normally can just switch it off at the PSU and turn it back on again.

Now the bigger problem, if i switch it on, it powers and shuts down immediately, if i want to repeat the process i must hold the power button at the front of the PC for a few seconds to shut it down, or turn the PSU off and wait a few seconds.

Heat shouldn't be an issue, its a clean case with more than adequate coolings, (maybe not so much on the psu though).
I also tried running it after waiting 30 minutes to cool but still no dice!

Will try again in the morning, but if anyone has experienced and solved this issue any help would be much appreciated, before i run off buying new everything.


CPU: i7 950
PSU: Antec 850W
Mobo: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Ram: 8gb DDR3 1666mHz
Gfx: Ati 5870
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  1. IMO, it is a PSU problem. If a component was overheating (at least when it happened to me) you should receive a BSOD the states a hardware failure, same can go for the motherboard. Try removing your GPU and using your on-board graphics instead. If that works, it is almost definitely a PSU problem. If it was the motherboard, you would hear everything turn on, but it probably wouldn't boot.
  2. Well i removed the GPU and it still didn't run, I went ahead and just got a new PSU, it seemed like the most likely problem but that didn't solve it, so I'm guessing its the mobo, so I'm sending it back on warranty.

    Side note - anyone wants to buy a 3yr old 850W antec (working =p) PSU, and lives in the Uk gimme a shout.
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