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New mobo

hey guys

i am looking to get a new motherboard

can i just get a new motherboard and transfer all my components or do i need all new components (hard drive and software)

hope you guys can help, thanks
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    If you are replacing the motherboard you have with one that is substantially the same (and supports your CPU and RAM), you may be able to transfer the hardware components, and just update the motherboard drivers.

    But, if you are upgrading you board to a more modern board than the one you currently have, you will likely need a new CPU and RAM. You should be able to transfer the other hardware, but you will likely have to perform either a repair install or clean install of the operating system.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance

    right know i have a modified dell studio xps 7100, with a phenom ii x6 1045t, 16 gb gskill 1600mhz ram, and a radeon 6870 (soon to be crossfire) and i am looking to transfer it to a asus rog crosshair formula v

    again Thanks
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