How to tell the manufacture of a graphics card?

i want to know if this 6950 is sappire, power color, ect... tthe only one i know its not its xfx and thats because xfx has "xfx" on the back exaust
the stickers have all been removed for what ever reason.. i got this off cragis list for $200.
from what i can find useing gpu-z is that its subvendor is "ati (1002)" and when i google that it comes up with a few forums talking about "sapphire cards" and ati 1002 so im assuming its sapphire? idk help please
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  1. GPU-Z usually tells you in the box labeled "Subvendor". Of course the Subvender changed to which ever bios I flashed onto it.
  2. ya and if you read what i said all it says is ati 1002
  3. My first thought is: why would anyone remove the stickers from a brand new card?

    Beyond that... the ATI vendor number is 1002, Sapphire has a subvendor number of 174B. Why does GPU-Z say the subvendor # is 1002? I don't know. As bystander pointed out it depends on the firmware on the card. The card may have the bone-stock ATI reference firmware flashed onto it.

    I suggest you look at pictures of HD6950 cards, compare connectors, clock speeds, etc. and try to figure it out that way.
  4. i have yet to figure out cragis list people and why they would remove the stickers but then again why would they post ads for p4 computers for $400+ lolz
    stock speeds 800mhz so its not asus
    when you google "sapphire 6950 gpuz" all the images have ati (1002)
    but if i search "asus 6950 gpuz" it says asus (XXXX)
    if anyone has a sapphire 6950 can they confirm that it says ati (1002)?
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