Installing windows xp 2006 on windows 7

how can i install windows xp 2006 my computer still running on windows 7
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  1. either setup win xp in a virtual machine or wipe the system, install xp then install windows 7 with the option to keep the previous operating system
  2. Windows XP 2006? Is that a Media Center Edition?

    One option is, you'll need to set it up for dual boot.

    When you install XP to a new partition, it will overwrite the MBR and prevent you from booting Windows 7. You'll then need to boot Windows 7 from CD/USB and regenerate the MBR - which will then allow dual-booting.

    Another option is to install XP in a virtual machine (using Windows Virtual PC or Virtual PC 2007), so you can access XP and Windows 7 at the same time.

    Both options have their respective pros/cons, so the better option is really dependent on your use case.
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