Can 3 way sli be done with 2 power supplies?

I have two power supplies in a large Mountain Mod's chassie. I use one for the cooling system and the other for the motherboard and 2 high end GPU's that are matched. Recently I have obtained a third matched GPU. I have power to spare and the appropriate connections on the power supply that I use for cooling. I am out of connectors for the motherboard power supply. Normally each power supply is plugged into a seperate circuit so that I can get the draw that I need.

Is it possible to run the new GPU from the other power supply without frying anything on the motherboard?

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  1. Yes it can be done as long as there is good sufficient power
  2. Thats what I suspected. However, when I plugged the card in the motherboard, it would not post. Pulled the card out and the same. I suspect the bios chip was somehow corrupted.

    The motherboard is an EVGA X58 which is 4 way SLI capable. Unplugged the power supply, pulled the battery, held the power on swith for a couple of minutes to drain the residual and then waited for 20 minutes. Board led shows its on standby. Nothing happens on power on except USB gets power. No posting code or other LEDS come on.

    Any thoughts?
  3. Sure, just make sure they are quality PSU, if not there could be serious damage to the hardware.
  4. Corsair AX1200 onthe motherboard and 2 GPU's. I use the Corsair HX1000 for cooling. I used it for the third GPU.
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    Nothing to worry then, thats like top of the line. What are your specs?
  6. I guess your AX 1200 can alone provide all the required power for you to need the HX 1000 also. What are your specs? Can't you use one PSU just for the video cards and the other for rest of the required?
  7. PSU should have no effect.
  8. i7980X, OCZ PC3 16000(10-10-10) 2GB X 6, EVGA x58 4XSLI m/b, Alienware OPX2310 main monitor off of 3X GeForce GTX 480 Hydro, 2 additional for when not using ant 3D rendering, Mountain Mods Ascentian case with 4 cooling loops. Sorry but I don't do much gaming. I have other uses for it mostly dealing with multimedia. At the moment it looks pretty sad. AM starting an RMA with EVGA but as I am in Canada it may just be cheeper all round to buy a new motherboard. Am I ever $#%$#'ed.
  9. Ooops. Typo. s/b i7-980X.
  10. Am a little surprised here. Tri 480's for multimedia! Which program(s) require such a setup?
  11. I do multimedia development work in my spare time. I am a Linux system engineer by trade. This means that I develop the programs instead of buying them. Hense my need to resolve this quickly.
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  13. did you try running the new card by itself without the other 2 installed to make sure its not a bad gpu?
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