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Storm Enforcer vs Haf 922

Dear community,

Are there any evident differences between Storm Enforcer qnd HAF 922, besides aesthetics and black interior? Which one do you consider better performance and expandability wise? Do any offer a sPecific characteristic that make it better? Thanks in advance for your opinion!
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  1. The Storm Enforcer is basically a modded HAF 912. The only upside it has over the HAF 922 is front USB 3.0 and black interiors. HAF 922 has more internal space and better cooling. So i'll vouch for that. There's also the CM 690 II Advanced(staying with Coolermaster here) which I like better then them both.
  2. Thanks for reply, I have seen the CM 690 II Advanced but it doesn't have a side window. I am looking for that, what about compared to this , anything you know about this one. I know there is 2 x140mm on the front instead of a 200mm as well as the top, is it a big difference noise wise? any other reason you would choose Lian Li? Thanks
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    The Lancool K63 is surely an extremely good choice. Excellent build quality and features. Having seen few Lancool products and used a couple of Lian-Li cases, i don't think it will be as noisy as 5 fans suggest you to be. Anyway, here's a review -
  4. I have just bought the HAF 922 , i wasnt too keen on the looks at first but when arrived it looked great . mine has a modded side window which makes the case
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  6. I live in the UK and love the HAF 922 except for the fact that it has no side window. I feel that if I'm going to build my first custom built computer that I'd want to show off my handywork. I'm not much of a gamer so the loss of a side fan isn't that much of a great deal. There's only 1 place on amazon I can get a Haf 922 but it's almost £40 more. Question I want to ask. Is it worth it?
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