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Hello, i hav the hdmi cable connect. frm comp. to tv, no problem, picture is fine. cannot get sound. hav tried enableing every system, speakers, hdmi, still no sound???
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  1. Which video card?
  2. it took me this long to navigate back thru pop ups and new windows to get back to where my question was posted. video card ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU shows both supports RGB/DVI RGB/hdmi
  3. Did you install the sound driver for the HD 4200?
  4. Funny, my parents called me with the exact same problem just a few hours ago :)

    The problem there was that the TV's speakers were not selected as the primary unit.

    You may very well be aware of this already, but let me be nice and go ahead anyway.

    Navigate to the Control Panel (this relies on that you have Vista/7).
    Select "Hardware and Sound"
    Then select "Sound"
    Now you'll see a list of your play-back devices. Your TV should be listed.
    Select your TV and right click and then select it as the primary device.
    All done!

    I sincerely hope that this was of any help, and that I didn't insult you by thinking you had not thought of this (if you already had).

    Yours Hopefully

    Njure :)
  5. jaguarskx said:
    Did you install the sound driver for the HD 4200?

    yes installed drivers for 4200 video card and selected hdmi and tv and everything else i cud think of. but i know there is something that i am missing bcuz i just don't know enough. oh well, keep on trying. thanks
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