OC Genie: Does it work?

Several of the MSI boards I've looked at recently have touted a feature called the OC Genie, claiming instant, hassle-free, and stable overclocking with the push of a button on the motherboard.

Does this feature actually work? And does it actually work as advertised? Given the trouble I experienced when I tried to overclock my old Pentium 4 system (an experience that turned me off of trying to overclock anything since), I'm incredibly skeptical about this.
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  1. I have setup both MSI AMD & Intel boards featuring the OC Genie and OC Genie 2 and I can confirm that they work and have worked for me without any hassal.

    Just ensure you research your chosen board and hardware for compatibility...I bought a Athlon x4 645 and wanted to unlock it from 4 cores to 6 cores but found out that this was not possible on my CPU due to the lack of a L3 Cache. Just one example of what to research first.

    Personally I would recommend the OC Genie as its a safe option and much better than playing around with the settings yourself, especially as we are all skint at the moment and dont have money spare to replace burnt out equiptment :D
  2. oc genie s nice. it gives you pretty good overclocks for people that are new to to overclocking
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