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i have been using Nvidia GeForce 9800 for about a year now. i havn't had any problems until two days ago when i started my PC. the PC started normally as i could hear the start-up sound through the speakers, but couldnt see anything display on the monitor. i initially thought it was a problem with my monitor, so i changed the display cable back to the on-board graphics card. when i did that, the display came and realised it was a problem from the 9800 graphic card. Any ideas what is going on with my graphics card? anyone ever experienced this before? any help will be most appreciated. thank you.
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  1. Do you have another computer to put the card in? That's the best way to see if it is the card or your pci-e slot on the motherboard, or something else.
  2. well i dont have another computer, but i'm sure i can get some help with some friends with that. thanks a lot. but just in case it doesnt work, does it mean the card is damaged?? the fan on the card spins even though it doesnt display, by the way. thx
  3. Sometimes the fan can spin but the card is still damaged. I'll wait to see what happens before diagnosing though.

    If the card doesn't work on your friend's computer then it is damaged in some way. If it is still under warranty, send it back. I think you'll have 1 to 3 year warranty on most cards so double check.

    If it is working, post back and we can troubleshoot your system.
  4. ok. thx a lot! will keep you informed
  5. i checked with a friends computer and the card seems to be working. what does it mean for me.
  6. Turn on your computer, with the onboard graphics being used. Once it is on, switch the cable to the graphics card. See if it displays.

    If not, reboot your computer in safe mode and then try the same thing as above.
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