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Hi guys, I have recently purchased a new AMD Athlon ll x3 455 3.3ghz processor for my computer. For I am on a budget at the moment, and came to the realization that my motherboard does not support this processor. Are there any reccomendations as to what kind of motherboard I should get? Preferrably under 100 that still has the essential, PCI, PCI-E, etc.
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  1. ddr2 or ddr3?
  2. wow wrong


    darkneosphere has an AM3 processor. thats an intel 1155 socket board

    what RAM (ddr2 or ddr3) & video card (onboard or a card) do you have. we need a little more information
  3. I believe its ddr3
  4. you will need to be sure. as it will mean the difference of buying new ram or not.

    do you have a video card already?

    is this system for gaming?
  5. Yes it's ddr3. It does not have a graphics card yet. It will be turned into one for gaming, eventually when I have the funds.
  6. Here's an asrock am3+ board 970 extreme 4 for $109.99 (link broken).
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