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Was looking to upgrade my GPU setup after a nice little christmas bonus to either a pair of gtx 570's or 6970 crossfire.
Just a hard thought of which avenue to consider, definately leaning towards 570's. I play at resolution 1920x1080. I am in Australia so will be using either or So to me it comes down to which offers more as i wont be upgrading for 2 years.
Current Setup
I7 930
Gigabyte X58A UD7
5770's in crossfire
3x2gb Gskill Ripjaws
2x320gb 2.5" hdd in raid
1tb storage
1000w PSU
64 bit win 7
Appreciate peoples opinions
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  1. I vote for the 6870-

    *Better reputation
    *More energy-efficient
    *Faster,114.html -Have a look at some of the charts here at TH
  2. FYI the HD6950 can unlock into an HD6970 so 2 of those would likely be your best choice for the money.
  3. Here's one article that might help ya decide. Check a few more and decide what tips the scales in one or the other's favor.

    Overall, the graphics frame rate performance has the PowerColor AX6970 2GBD5-M2DH Radeon HD 6970 matched nicely to the GeForce GTX 570. Measured at stock (reference) speeds in ten different tests, the Radeon HD 6970 was either slightly ahead in half of them or deeply trailed in the other half. We've excluded HAWX 2 from this review, until AMD drivers can compensate for the performance skew. The DirectX 10 tests seemed to really score the GeForce GTX 570 way ahead, while many of the DirectX 11 tests pulled the Radeon HD 6970 ahead by a few FPS.

    3DMark Vantage has the 6970 ahead by 2.9% (1680x1050) or 5.8% (1920x1200) on the Jane Nash test, but then sinks 16.9/9.4% for New Calico. Crysis Warhead pushed the GTX 570 16.2/9.4% ahead, but then DX11 Aliens vs Predator pushed back 10.4/12.3% in favor of the Radeon HD 6970. Shader intensive games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 really strained the Radeon HD 6970, giving the GTX 570 a 31.9/25.3% lead. BattleForge did the same, giving the GTX 570 a 53.5/57.1% lead over the 6970. Lost Planet 2 dog-piled also the results in favor the GTX 570, resulting in a 45.1/41.9% lead over the 6970. Then, thankfully, the Radeon HD 6970 fought back in NVIDIA-strong games like Mafia II, producing a 0.9/6.0% lead over the GTX 570. Metro 2033 gave the 6970 a 3.1/5.2% edge, and then the Heaven 2.1 benchmark offered a 2.0/7.5% difference in favor of the 6970. :
  4. I think a single one of either is overkill for 1920x1080 get 1 and see if you think you need another
  5. simon12 said:
    I think a single one of either is overkill for 1920x1080 get 1 and see if you think you need another
    I agree.
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    For dual card setups, the key that should push your decision in favor of a pair of GTX 570's is their more effective cooler and improved case design. When placed in SLI, the 570 barely registers an increase in noise or heat. Comparatively, the 6970 (and modded 6950) get much noisier and much hotter when placed in Crossfire.

    These are the temp and noise findings for a GTX570 SLI setup and a 6950 Crossfire setup (note that the 6970 Crossfire setup would be even hotter and louder):

    GTX570 SLI (vs. single card)
    Noise: 42Db (+2Db)
    Temp: 81c (+4c)
    "In SLI mode we do not get bad DBa levels returned once the GPUs really start to stress, roughly 42 maybe 43 DBa if the cards go really nuts. This means in the background you can hear fan and airflow, but very acceptable."

    6950 Crossfire (vs. single card)
    Noise: 49Db (+8Db)
    Temp: 89c (+12c)
    "In CFX mode we got pretty bad DBa levels returned once the GPUs really start to stress, on average the noise level was 44 DBa, however when the two GPUs really have a hard time then things get worse fast. In the Crysis WarHead benchmarks for example the cards spun up fast and reached 49 DBa of sound pressure, that's just downright noisy."

    Also as Hardware Heaven describes (with noise samples): "As we have seen in the past the sales of a product can be hampered by a cooler which produces high noise levels. For the 6900 Series this isn't an issue in single card mode as the videos below show. The same cannot be said of the CrossFire testing though. As well as seeing temperatures up to 100c when we placed three cards side by side on our Gigabyte motherboard the noise levels being produced in dual and triple card mode were, to be honest, unbearable. They were similar to the GTX 480 at its worst in terms of volume but where the original Fermi card had quite a stable volume once maximum temperature had been reached the 6900 series is all over the place. Listen to the 6970 CrossFire video below and you will hear what we mean."

    Here's what Hardware Heaven had to say about two GTX580's in SLI:
    "Earlier in the review we covered the fact that NVIDIA have gone out of their way to minimise the temperatures, power use and noise level of the GTX 580 following feedback on the GTX 470/480 range and the results above show how they have done in this respect. Overall the results are very good, with highlight being the fact that two GTX 580 in SLI are actually quieter than a single GTX 480. Power use has also been improved with the GTX 580 now operating in the same range as AMD's 5870."
  7. can u guys have a look at the two sites I may buy from or and tell me what u think is best value for money,the 6970s seem over priced in Australia. I am looking at getting two msi gtx 570s
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