Palit gt 240- in-game shadow problems

Hi im using a palit gt 240 1gb ddr3....
im playing games like cod black ops,bf bad company 2, but when theres a cinematic is noticed that the shadows are not in high quality but my settings in-game are set to this a driver problem?
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  1. This could as well be not enough GPU power problem. What resolution are you gaming at?
  2. i wouldnt reccommend setting details to high on that GPU.
  3. i play at 1360x768 all high with aa and af on...
    why is it bad to play high settings on this card?
  4. Your resolution is not high but then again the card is not very powerful little lower setting in game might give you a better experience. Those games need powerful GPU's to run at their max.
  5. how do i fix the saw like shadows....thnx
  6. You can have high settings enabled on COD, but not on bad Company 2.
  7. ive tried it in bad company2 and cod black ops in high settings and res at 1360x768 it was playable, around 35 fps i think..pls i need help w/ the saw like shadows which i already set in high..
  8. +1 to malmental. i have a card that will outperform that gt240 (8800gts OC) and its going on 4 years old now, and it wasnt a top end card (about the 3rd fastest card) when i bought it. That tells you something about the level of that gt240.
  9. ^ what the OP is saying is that he/she is experiencing weird shadows at playable framerates.So I won't say itz coz of a low-end card but yes a card may come faulty netym.
    So for a suggestion I agree with rolli59 (power shortage) i.e. the PSU also needs to be taken into account or a possible RMA if thrz smthn with d card.A 400-450W PSU will be perfect to contain both the card nd watevr can b thr in OP's system
  10. maybe the card doesnt support the feature to enable high quality shadows even if they are enabled? I dont think bad shadows are a psu issue......
  11. what is RMA?..heheheh
  12. ^ report card back if turns out faulty(within warranty period) for a proper replacement
    *return material authorization

    iam2thecrowe said:
    maybe the card doesnt support the feature to enable high quality shadows even if they are enabled? I dont think bad shadows are a psu issue......

    but I've found it supports ambient occlusion.If this feature is supported then providing high quality shadows shouldn't be a problem least not in the healthy environment(system).
  13. my rig:
    amd athlon II x2 245 2.9ghz
    2gb ddr3 ram
    palit gt 240 1gb ddr3

    regarding the rma will it replace it with the same card or could i choose a different one?..

    another question what would be the better gaming os for my rig, xp or vista?

    i found the ambient occlusion on the nvidia control panel should i try turning it on?
  14. 1) same :(
    2) I hav trashed vista.I only use XP(work) and win 7(gaming n multimedia)
    3)No.Never ur card is already not a low end one but lowest card of it own series(i.e. DDR3 instead of GDDR3/GDDR5).Ambient occlusion is best suited for cards lyk GTX 460 nd abv.
  15. so i cant fix this shadow problem?
  16. ive tried playing with medium settings but the problem is still there..
  17. just live with it. its not a faulty card but a fault with the game, drivers or just a limitation of that card.
  18. k,so its the card...btw, what is this card's equivalent to 9xxx or 8xxx series?
  19. 9600gt is slightly faster than gt240, 8800gts (640mb) is about the same as a 9600gt. 8800GT is faster than all these cards.
  20. has anyone used any of the cards u mentioned? do u also experience this shadow problem on new games such as cod black ops and bf bad company 2?
  21. 8800GT 512Mb = 9800GT 512MB, it was only nvidias first re-branding of the g92 core.
  22. First introduction of g92 was 8800gt in 256 and 512mb versions along with 8800GTS in 512mb. The 8800gt became 9800gt and 8800gts became 9800GTX (with a slight clock increase). Then when nvidia had a die shrink they introduced the 9800GTX+ (with a slight clock increase from 9800GTX) which later was re-branded into GTS250 making the g92 one of the longest living GPU core ever.
  23. i think there are some clock speed differences between the 8800gt, 9800gt, gts250. The gt240 is different chip though and slower than all the above. @op I have an 8800gts which would be similar performance. Im trying to figure out how to get a 8gb iso onto 2 dvd's. when i figure that out, ill install black ops and check shadows, not that the iso has anything to do with black ops......just some work i need to do before its play time....Do you have a screenshot of what the "bad shadows" look like so i can compare??
  24. k ill try try uploading some screenshots...
  25. heres the screenshots....
    sorry its in .rar form..
    btw 99.9% no virus!!
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  27. looks more like the shadows are not being mapped on the object properly. maybe a driver or issue with the game. what version of windows and directx are you using?
  28. 10
  29. pls help me how to fix this prob..
  30. help pls.. i already tried "clean install" with a new driver 260.99 i downloaded...pls help me iam2thecrowe where are u??
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  32. could someone explain why this guy doesn't experience bad shadow when he only has gt 240 ddr3 512mb..
    when i have the 1gb ddr3 version..
    btw my specs:
    amd athlon II x2 245 2.9ghz
    2gb ddr3 ram
    palit gt 240 1gb ddr3
  33. already told u to check your PSU.You must have a 450W....onwards PSU and that also of a good company e.g. Dell,HP,Zebronics or if you can afford then corsair,OCZ,cooler master,etc.
  34. who agrees this is a psu problem?
  35. If it was a PSU problem the system would be unstable.
  36. more info!!
  37. pls help!
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