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This is my 1st post here so, hello everyone :). I built a new PC for the sole purpose of playing Diablo 3 when it is released. By budget was $600-ish I did not follow any guides, just used the Newegg reviews as my imput lol. Also this is my first custom build. So here it is:

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate

Case - Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX


CPU - AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 3.4Ghz x4


RAM - G-Skill Ripjaw Series 4GB DDR3 1600 x4 16GB total (overkill I know)

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200 1.5TB

GPU - XFX HD-485X-ZNFC Radeon HD 4850

Display - ASUS MS238 23'' LED (purchased on ebay for $125.00)

Few questions I have are:
1. How future proof do you think this build will be?

2. Do you think the Radeon HD 4850 will run Diablo 3 flawlessly or should I start saving for an even better card?

3. I am very worried about my Seagate 1.5TB failing on me, this is the 1 item I did not read the reviews on and regret it horribly. Is there anything I can do to keep it going for as long as possible or just hope and pray? Currently it is partitioned as followed, 100GB for Windows - 200GB for Apps - 250GB for Games - Remainer 854GB for storage.

4. I read in the reviews for my ram that it does not come out of the box at 1600MHz, its 1333MHz, this is true. I also read that its a simple bios fix, but when I try to do it my pc loads out of bios and instantly blue screens and restarts forcing me to stay at 1333MHz any thoughts?

5. Any general thoughts on my build, be honest I can take it lol.
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  1. Travis4261 said:
    By budget was $600-ish

    lol... it's always the 'ish' that gets you.
    I'm sure you were beyond $600 and heavily into the 'ish' by the time you finished with this.

    Altogether it's not terrible, but in general one of the most critical concepts when building a good system is the balance between CPU and Graphics. In this case I think that you're out of balance because your graphics card is a weak spot.
    That doesn't necessarily mean that you spent too much on your CPU. Just that you didn't balance everything else out.
    If you had of gone w/ just the 8G of RAM instead of 16, that would save ~$100. Taking Win 7 Home Premium vs Ultimate would have saved ~$80. If you had spent an extra $180 on a better video card then you would have a longer run with this system before you needed anything.

    Here are a few charts to put this in perspective.,1.html
    On the Tom's list of Graphics cards, the HD 4850 1G card was mid-table in 2009.
    It was bottom third in 2010, with the crossfire config about middle of the table.
    None of the 4000-series cards even made the 2011 list.

    But like all of us, you have what you have and it's not the end of the world. It's still a 'modern' card, even if it's not top of the line.

    The good news with regard to Diablo III would be that it's an MMO.
    If you were looking at playing the latest shooter games I think you would be in trouble, but MMO's need to reach a really broad audience, so they don't push their graphics as hard as FPS's. They haven't even announced minimum requirements, so anyone quoting you frame rates etc would just be speculating (much like I'm about to do). I'm sure you will be well above the minimum system requirements. The minimum will probably be something generic like "dual core processor and a graphics card w/ DirectX 11".

    So I can't really predict how well that card will play on Diablo, but I doubt it would be described as 'flawless'. Playing @ 1920 x 1080 resolution on a 4850 I would think you would have to disable at least some of the graphics options. I doubt speed will be an issue, but you might just have to give up some of the eye candy a least. You have a pretty darn fast CPU and certainly no shortage of memory, so that will help. You'll definitely have fast load times when entering a zone etc, and the game will play fine, but I don't think you will get good frame rates w/ all graphics options turned up.
    Think about it this way, if they programmed a brand new game so that a 4850 could play highest quality... all the guys with 6990's (ok, well all 4 guys who can afford that) would complain. So it seems like they always throw some effects in there that don't impact gameplay at all, but make it look nicer (shadows, reflections on water etc).
  2. Well the reason I choose the 4850 was mainly the price, newegg has it on special right now for 89.99 with $13.00 off so 76.99 but THEN you get a $30.00 MIR so essentailly I'd be paying $47 and thats not bad. I always new I would have to buy a better video card for D3, I will probably go with 1 step higher then whatever they recomend lol. Right now for games I play would be Dirt 2 and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and I'm sure this card will blow them away. Also I allready owned Win 7 Ultimate the actuall price chart would be:

    Case - $55
    MB - $99 /w $15 MIR
    CPU - $160
    PSU - $110 /w $20 MIR
    RAM - $150 (for 16GBs)
    HDD - $70
    GPU - $77 /w $30 MIR
    Display - $125

    Grand Total - $846 before MIR $781 after MIR... yea I overshot the 600-ish lol.

    Oh and before I forget I bought a ASUS 24X Burner Black SATA for $19, but that was before my "budget"
  3. I was hoping to get some more feedback, I did start this thread late last now and now its getting buried. I know we are not susposed to bump our threads but I hope this helps me get a few more answers. Thanks in advance everyone
  4. I agree with CopaMundial. You're allocating your money improperly.

    Get rid of the 16GBs of RAM and go with a good 2x4GB kit (at MOST; 2x2GB will also work and save another $50). That'll only run ~$80 as opposed to 160-200.

    Do you really *need* W7 Ultimate? There aren't many extra features and you're paying a ton for them. You can save more money that way.

    Reinvest the funds into at least a GTX 460 or a 5000/6000 series AMD card. You shouldn't even consider buying such and old GPU. There is a reason it's cheap - it's OLD.
  5. If I understood from earlier, did you already purchase?

    If so, I'd agree with everyone else about allocating funds.

    Also, you mentioned the worry about the 1.5TB drive...the way you have partitioned it may require it to do more work than necessary. If you try to move something between partitions, the drive has to try to read and write to the same physical disk, so it has to do more work.

    If it were me, I'd use that drive for storage, and pick up an OS drive...maybe an SSD.
  6. You've already bought the system, and the game you're looking to measure it against isn't out yet.
    So there's not much feedback that we can provide other than what has already been given.

    I can't really argue with the approach, you got a cheap price on that card, and it's possible that it will be good enough for the game.
    When the game releases then you'll see how the performance is. If it's enough then you're in great shape.
    If it's not then you would need to decide what to do next, either Crossfire w/ another cheap card or swap for a newer single card.

    But this is plenty to hold you over until that time.
  7. Ok yea I guess I did not specify, everything above has been purchased. I was barrowing a decent video card that held me over, but my friend needed it back sooner then expected. This board does not have onboard graphics so I was forced to by a different video card, otherwise I would have just waited until D3 was released and bought a card then. The reason I choose the 4850 was the stats for the price, it has the highest everything for under $80.00, I am hoping this card will let me play Elderscrolls Oblivion and Dirt 2 and high if not maxed settings. Again I restate I have owned Win7 Ultimate for about a year now, got a great deal on it $125 via ebay. So If anymore general feedback can be left or opinions or w/e feel free, but I am going to move my ram question to the correct forum.
  8. ..... That build is very unbalanced.
    +1 to all the allocating funds.

    Your RAM is practically more than your CPU, and your GPU is quite.... weak for that resolution, though this has been explained by CopaMundial in his first post. Your PSU is more than your GPU which usually isn't the case. Most of the time on this kind of budget a 500w would be sufficient.

    Your motherboard probably isn't the best choice considering the Asrock Extreme4 870 is only 90$ and it has all the specs the 790X has but w/ USB 3.0 and SATA 3.

    So to answer your question in terms of future proof, it depends on what you mean. If you mean the sign of times, the fact that USB 3 and SATA 6 is assumed to be mainstream as of this year, then no. It's not future-proofed. CPU-wise it'll last but the chipset/socket is dead coming this june w/ Bulldozer.
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