Monitor won't be recognized

For some reason my Samsung syncmaster 940bx (19", non-WS, 1280x1024)

I'm trying to run a dual monitor setup with that monitor and my new Acer 23" WS monitor. 1920x1080.

I was currently using an hp 17 inch non WS generic analog monitor, and it worked fine with that.

Nvidea geforce GTS 250 (2 DVI outs)

Windows 7 32 bit.

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  1. If you plug in the samsung alone, does it work?
  2. update. I troubleshot everything I could think of. I've just decided to get a new video card. no troubles though, I wanted an upgrade anyhow :)
  3. Hope that works out for you. Make sure to get something nice :)
  4. i want to know if there is a away to fix this cuz i have same problem
    it used to be recognized but one of the times i had dual view with tv and it didnt tell i kept rebooting and unplugging the power cord of the monitor till it did
    now i have the monitor singe and i did the same but still it wont be recognized

    Edit: i found a way that partly fixed it , i went to device manager and uninstalled the monitor and refreshed then it got fixed but still in the device manager its titled general pnp monitor ... but in the resolution its recognized as it used to be :/
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