Not getting sound from front panel plzz helppp

as soon as i connect head phones in da front panel ,a pop window appears ,i choose headphones option in it ,but m not able to get da sound from it,i hav connected hd audio in mb,in bios hd option is enabled,help me plzz
as it is showing in a pop window it means,port is working f9 ,shall i format ma window
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  1. On my sound card menu, "Headphone" refers to a slightly different output quality from the *back* panel. Is there no front panel option? For me, for example, it's FP headphone.
  2. looks like the audio front panel in your case does not have a HD audio header so you have to disable some features in your sound card in order to enable the generic front panel.
    To do that: double click on the (Realtek HD Audio Manager) -located on the taskbar- in case you have a built-in Realtek HD audio card,
    And in the (connector settings) (a folder-like button) check: (disable front panel jack detection) and press ok. that should do the trick

    but if you are sure that the header is HD then try to pull in/out the headset connector slightly while playing a sound file and see if it works
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