Major overheating GTS 240

I have this computer for a year now and its been working perfectly fine until recently my graphics card has been overheating to the point of making my computer shut itself off. the temp of it while playing a game is around 80-90 Celsius and sometimes gets higher. i have done everything from cleaning the whole inside with compressed air very well, downgraded and then upgraded the cards drivers, reapplying thermal paste to the card, and nothing has worked so far. someone please help me i dont know what is it could be or what to do, it shouldnt be dying out on me this fast should it?
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  1. Are you sure that you did the clean job right and that the fan is working?
  2. yep had my uncle check the computer while he was putting the thermal paste on and he said that it looked clean and that all the fans were working
  3. Can you check for your self because I wouldn't trust any one with my machines.
  4. ok just checked all fans are spinning and the gpu fan is set a 100% and the problem still persists even just idleing i get around 60-70 celcius which is to high i think
  5. through a program called nvidia system tools software and a program called gpu-z, the temp are coming from the tab that says gpu temp.
  6. Take a picture of your system's interior, there isn't much of an excuse 30-40% of the worlds population have a cell phone or digital camera.
  7. i honestly cant post a picture up cause i dont own a camera nor a phone that can post pictures
  8. Those operating temperatures are normal for these cards, especially if you are running SLI. There isn't much data available because they are OEM cards used in Dell systems, etc. I have two of them in my Alienware Aurora ALX and they run 80-90C under full load.
  9. maybe you should look at the ambient temp in your case. If you dont have any exhaust fans, get at least one. Also, you say you have reapplied thermal paste? when you do this make sure you clean off all the old paste and get a quality thermal paste. AS5 is good and doesn't cost much.
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