Hooking Hard Drives to IDE 1 hangs system on boot

Im running a msi motherboard ms-7142
When I have my main harddrive and dvd burner hooked up to IDE 1 Everything runs slow and the system hangs on boot, however when I hook them up to IDE 2 everything works fine.
I have tried resetting bios and changing all kinds of settings but nothing works.
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  1. Have you tried another IDE cable to see if that helps? Quite honestly, it could simply be a bad IDE port on your system. Look closely, inside the connector, for any bent/broken pins. Good luck!
  2. Im guessing your right and it probably is a bad IDE port.
    I tried different cables and inspected the connector and everything looks okay.
    I have been running it now installing and setting up my system with no problems on IDE 2. Im really just choked that I cant use IDE 1, it halfs the amount of devices I wanted to put into this box.
    Any ideas for adding more IDE devices without using IDE 1?
  3. Yes. Every thime I switch hardware around I make sure the master and slave settings are set exactly how I want, none of this cable select nonsense.
    I went and bought some PCI cards that add more IDE ports so that should work.
    This box is just going to be used as my main storage for all my boxes cause I have around 10 IDE harddrives from 80-200 GBs kickin around and I thought I would put the bigger ones to good use.
    Thanks for the help I guess...
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