How should this be running?

Hey guys, going to give you some system specs then explain my problem, if you need anything else just ask.

p6x58d-E MOBO
i7 930 (Not OC'd) Custom OCZ cooler
Tri chan Corsair DDR3 6ghz
Xfired XFX 5870's
Corsair HX850w psu
2x WD 1tb Black Edition

It seems way under par compared to other builds I have seen running faster, RIFT at 25-40FPS On medium?

24293 on 3D mark? On the results page it comes up with this that doesn't seem right

Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 5870
# of cards2
SLI / CrossFire On
Memory0 MB
Core clock0 MHz
Memory clock0 MHz
Driver nameATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
Driver version8.821.0.0
Driver status Not FM Approved

Operating system64-bit Windows 7 (6.1.7600)
MotherboardASUSTeK Computer INC. P6X58D-E
Memory6144 MB
Module 1
2048 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz
Module 2
2048 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz
Module 3
2048 MB Corsair DDR3 @ 667 MHz

3DMark Score24293.86 3DMarks
Graphics Score27498.3
CPU Score18000.83
Jane Nash79.91 FPS
New Calico81.2 FPS
AI Test2517.45 operations/s
Physics Test23.19 operations/s

Now I have been playing a fair few games on what I figured would be a decent rig. However it just doesn't seem to be running as fast as it should be. Is there anything wrong with this set up or is there anything I can do to speed it up?

Much appreciated
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  1. Are you using Vantage? Does CCC say XFire is enabled? Have you got the most recent drivers/version of Vantage? Why not try 3DMark11 ;)
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