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i am in the process of upgrading the 'family' PC and am looking for advice on the best video card for my system.

Don't need too much power for 3d gaming, but i want the card to be fast for 2d, and not the slowest element in my system.
I also want to be able to work on it occasionally, so need dual DVI output

I have gone along the AMD route, so expect ATI card to be more suited than NVidia ?


PhenomII x4 black 955
Asus M4A79XTD EVO 790X Socket AM3
Windows 7 Pro x64
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  1. Depends on your budget and theres no problem using Nvidia
  2. If you don't need that much gaming horsepower, then I would suggest either an ATI Radeon HD 5670 or a 5750 if you want it to be a bit faster. They aren't exactly high-end gaming cards but since you don't need to play games they should be more than enough for your needs.
  3. In the UK, the 5750 and 5770 are both around the same price.

    I presume the 5770 is the better card ?

    For this price point, will nVidia give me the same performance.
  4. 5770 is a good card above that the GTX 460 (get the 1 gb version) or 6850 are alot better and performance is similar
  5. the 460 and 6850 are 30-50% more expensive than a 5770.

    in the UK, a 5770 will set me back the equivalent of $150, which is about as much as i want to spend

    thanks for your help
  6. 5770 will be your best buy then. itz a very good card for reasonable price. it will handle games well.
  7. OK; 5770 on order, thanks to everyone for their help
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