Please help i am stressed

i applied thermal paste to my new H50 because i accidentally touched the stock one that came with it the other day and relized this is bad

now after i replaced the thermal paste with arctic 5 i am running at 50 degrees Celsius as apposed to my regular 40

can someone please help me?
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  1. You probably applied too much too it, you dont need much, a tiny blob in the middle will get spread out when you mount the cooler, if you use too much it will act as an insulator and raise your temperatures.
  2. i am trying to use a little less, this is my thirsd time applying and the temps are still high, i am really scared.
  3. how tiny is tiny?....should i spread it out?
  4. Tiny is around a couple of grains of rice. See this article:

    Also, 50 isn't gonna damage your chip. What model is it? What are your ambient temperatures?
  5. i havent installed windows yet, i am going off of my bios right now....but i did it for the 4th time and still am at 50 degrees. i should have never done this....
  6. Having high temps in the BIOS is normal. The CPU cannot go into its low-power idle mode until it boots fully into Windows. You may even see as high as 65-70ºC in the BIOS.
  7. why was my bios idle running at 40 before and then 50 now after i applied the paste?. it looks like the same amount as before, i am just confused.

    thanks everyone for the replies, i appreciate the help
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    As you keep running the system, the CPU keeps getting warmer because it can't power down to idle. It will continue to get warmer and warmer.

    By the way, you won't get optimal temps from AS5 until you complete the 200+ hour curing time that AS5 requires. This is one of the reasons that AS5 is only a middle-of-the-road thermal compound nowadays, along with the fact that it's electrically conductive. The good stuff today requires no curing time at all.
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