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I have a Nvidia 8400 SE (yea I know, crap card :P), my brother runs a GTA san andreas server, the server was running at 2 fps for most of the day! (the internet connection was fine), normally it ran at 100 fps. Later on, the screen started going black and finally the bsod came (nothing important in it: 'check your hardware etc..). When I boot, the computer gets stuck at the login screen and the screen is all smudged with small multicoloured pixels (signs of a dead card). When I deleted the driver in Safe Mode, I could login to Windows normally.

It's definitely a dead card, many threads in different forums (including this) say so but my question is whether the GTA server has anything to do with it or no?
I know that game servers require a good CPU and Ram, but GPU?. The card is two years old and the rest of the computer is crab just like the card itself, an Intel P4 + 2GB RAM. I will try baking it, maybe I will get more out of it!.
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    No it was a server, I can't see why a server would kill a card. Probably just its time to die. The same is happening to my card right now, except at log in screens is black bars that take a few seconds to go away.
    If your hosting the server via while playing the game at prolonged hours back to back then it could have also over heated and caused some problem that way.
    Otherwise if your hosting servers on a different program than no your card just dies of "natural causes"
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    btw, baking gave the card a new life, don't know how long it will be though.
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