Screen does not display with intel hd 3000 on z68 motherboard, plz hlp

hi, i just installed a new motherboard, along with the intel i7 2600k but forsome odd reason when i start up the computer it does not recognize it, i get a blank screen until the windows 7 user name login screen appears, so im not able to access the bios unless i plug in the hdmi cable into my discrete Gcard, how do i get it to recognize the integrated graphics from startup. When i check the bios screen (with my discrete graphics) i enable onboard graphics regardless of my PEG, so its always on, so how can i fix this?
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  1. i updated bios now it works but one problem, there is not automatic setting for the memory, it starts at 64mb + 2mb git and goes up to 440mb + 2mb git(i think) does it matter which one i choose?
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