Is 8ms response time good enough to game on.

Can someone please advise me. I have found a monitor which recived good reviews, except for one thing. A 8ms response time which the review said would not be good for fast games.

The monitor is a samsung f2380m 23 inch. can anyone tell me if i should get a different monitor with a quicker response time, which will mean sacrificing some of the good features of this one.
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  1. You should be alright. The response time is how fast an LCD pixel can be changed from one value to another and back again. An 8ms response time can refresh a pixel every 0.008 seconds, and the reciprocal (1/0.008) is equal to 125 changes per second (Hz). Most LCD's are locked at 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, so a 8ms response time would not be noticeable as it is beyond the refresh rate anyway.
  2. Ok thank you. I think im just getting caught up in the hype. Thinking that if its not 2ms i cant play games.
  3. You might have some ghosting issues, even at 8ms. Keep in mind, that 8ms is a BEST CASE value, and will not be constant across the entire screen for each color shift. 8ms is really the highest I would go; I prefer at least 4ms or better myself.
  4. Ok i have decided to go foe something a bit faster. One option is the samsung XL2370 which has a 2ms response. However this is not wall moutable which is a requirement for me.

    So They do a XL2370hd which is stated as being the same but with tv tuner and wall mountable. But on this on the response is 5ms. And in one review on Digital Versus it gives this monitor 5 out of 5 but says it might not be good for fast games. Im confused would appreciate feedback.
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