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Hi guys.

I've got a laptop made by Medion. I bought it because I thought it was fairly cheap, and that I didn't need more power than that one had to offer.
Here are some specifications:

Brand and model: Medion Akoya P6622
Processor: 2,26 GHz Intel Core i3 350M
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 310M (512 mb)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (The computer was pre-installed with 32-bit, but a copy of the 64-bit version was included)

I think it's approximately a year old. Back then I was looking for a computer with a fair performance for a fair price, and then I saw an offer for this one for 4.500 Danish kroner, which is a little less than 850 US dollars.
I didn't buy a gaming laptop as I own a Playstation 3, and I rarely need to play demanding games on a PC. Primarily I use my computer to browse the web, store and play my music and movies and once in a while play some games that I can't play on my PS3. I figured that this computer would be able to perform those tasks with ease.

I've realized that my assumption was wrong, thoug.
For example, I'm having a hard time watching HD movies (Especially 1080p, but also 720p) without any lag (I use VLC to play videos). It's also hard for me to play games. I can't play games like Civilization 5 or even a game called Minecraft. Google the latter if you don't know about it; It's a large game, but it really shouldn't be that hard to run.

I am planning to format the HDD and install Windows 64 bit instead soon, but I'm not sure how much extra performance it will give me.
But the reason I posted here is because I would like to hear if someone could point out why my computer isn't running that smooth as I think it should do with the hardware installed. I mean.. It's not exactly crap, is it?
Would it be a good idea to look at an external graphics card?
As I've said, I don't need to play the latest games. But I think a computer with these specs should be able to play HD movies in at least 720p without any problems at all. Am I right?

Thank you, and regards

EDIT: Originally wrote 330M for graphics card, but it is in fact a 310M.
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  1. I would expect you would be able to play HD media and basic games without any problems as well. Start with checking that your drivers are all current. Upgrading to Win7 64-bit is ALWAYS a good idea, but I wouldn't expect a huge performance difference. Past that maybe give Disk Defragmenter a run and/or check the read and write speeds with a free utility...
  2. Thank you for the reply.
    I have now formatted my HDD and installed Win 7 64 bit instead.
    With read/write speeds, do you mean of my HDD? Does that have a huge impact or what?

    I've run a scan at SystemRequirementsLab for Civilization 5 to give you a picture. The results show that I don't even meet the minimun requirements because of my graphics card. Here are the results:

    Appearantly my graphics card needs "hardware T&L".. What is that?

    UPDATE: I've found out that I don't have a 330M graphics card, but a 310M.
  3. My assumption is that one your installed software ( that you install each time you install Windows is infected). Concerning playing HD movies, you could use ffdshow codecs and media player classic. I play Hd movies on a 1,6 Ghz laptop computer without any problem.

    So far that concern game issues, that depends on your game requirements.

    Use different anti viruses ( not installed in the some time) to scan your computer.
    Also you may use Virus Effect Remover and Flobo System Repair to tune up your system, UltraDefrag to defragment your computer, Free Registry Defrag to defragment your registry.

    In this formulae I have my bootup in less than one minute and the shutdown is almost instant.
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