HTPC & Mid Gaming PC Build (Open Budget)

Hello everyone,

Im new to this building PC thing, and i'd like to build an HTPC & a mid Gaming PC, with your help ofcourse. I only play Football Manager on my pc right now as i have Xbox and PS3 for gaming, but surely i will be playing games like COD, PES, Resident evil, and games like WoW on my new pc.

Though am a bit noob, but i chose some parts, and unless they're no good for what i need, i dont think am gonna change them..


Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP, as some parts are going to be ordered and it might take a lot of time for them to arrive. Am not sure which parts to order untill the set is complete, so i can compare prices, and to see which parts that are not available in my country.

Budget Range: Doesn't really matter.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: HTPC (i'll be streaming to 2 or 3 pc's/tv's), mid gaming or more, some graphics editing (photoshop), surfing the internet.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard/mouse, moniter, speakers.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any website that ships to my country, as i know none unfortunately.

Country of Origin: Kuwait.

Parts Prefernces: I like to use an Intel i7-K SB CPU & an Asus P8P67 deluxe (or pro if it's better) mobo, AMD GPU (though it's ok to use nVidia), i prefer an HTPC case, or a mid tower if the htpc case cant fit the parts in.

Overclocking: Maybe. (i chose i7K for that, i dont overclock, but in the future that may change and i want my cpu ready for it)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, not sure, depends on what is best for my needs and what you suggest.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 (37" FHD-LCD, but going to 42-46" FHD-LCD, the pc will only be attached to my HDTV)

Additional Comments: I prefer a quiet pc, or a little noisy could be ok but not loud, windows or blings are optional, and the remote control feature is a must. The pc will be running Win7 Ultimate x64 which i already have.


Parts i have selected are the following: (websites used are for referrals only)

CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz

1- Asus P8P67 Deluxe (Preferred for the Dual Gb Lan and better audio chipset)
2- Asus P8P67 Pro

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3/1600

Storage: Im thinking of a NAS system for storage outside the pc, and an internal SSD for the OS and couple of needed softwares and game saves.
Inside the PC
Primary HDD: An SSD, i dont know what to choose, suggest me the best, im willing to spend 220$ on it, not more.
Secondary HDD: I already have, though maxed out, 1TB WD HDD which will be my internal storage HDD. (files will be removed to a new hdd and it will be empty)

External Storage
Any NAS device with 4 diskless bays like ->
I have alot of blue ray movies ripped to my HDD's, therefore i'd like to have an external Storage device.
(D-Link is one, there's plenty more you can suggest, and i prefer a NAS device that can work with the 3TB WD Caviar Green - )

As for the GPU, Coolers, PSU and Case, i've no idea to be honest, as i said before am new to those stuff and don't have enough experience, i'd like to listen to your suggestions.
The only thing i want regarding the Case, is it to be Black coloured.


Any and all advice, suggestions, criticisms, mentioning extra useful parts/tips etc. would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: If i dont get the NAS or you feel it's not worth it, i'd probably install 2x 3TB WD Caviar Green internally, as the nas is not a backup solution, it's only for storage.

I know it's a long post, excuse me for that, and the only reason i took my time writing it, is to get the best results from you guys, as i posted in many forums and they all suggested i come here to get great tips and help. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A NAS is a good solution, but I'm not an expert on them so I can't say what's best there. I'd still put a single 1 TB drive in the build itself.

    Since you're looking for a very quiet PC, I'd also check out They focus a lot of their reviews on noise, so it's a good resource.

    As for using an HTPC case, you likely won't be able to fit a full sized GPU in one. It'd be better to just get a regular case. I'd even go as far as suggesting getting a full-tower to make sure you can fit the GPU.

    The CPU and board are fairly perfect chioces, and the RAM is decent. If you really have an "unlimited" budget, I'd grab the CAS 7 version of those sticks for $50 more. You may also want to consider picking up a more expensive board that supports 16x/16x Crossfire/SLI since you have an "unlimited" budget. I usually don't suggest it because it typically cost an extra $50, but only gives you a 3-4% performance gain, so it's not exactly cost effective.

    As for the other parts:

    SSD: I like G.Skill's Phoenix Pro 120 GB, but you could easily go bigger with an "unlimited" budget. I'd put the limit at something like Corsair's Performance 3 256 GB. You could also buy at least two of them and put them in RAID 0 for even more amazing performance. If you do that with the 256 GB SSD, you could easily get by without the standard internal drive, assuming you frequently move data files to the NAS. If I were you, I'd consider adding this later. There's a new generation of SSDs due out soon, and they're going to be a lot faster. This is something that can be added later with no major issues.

    HDD: You really can't beat Samsung's Spinpoint F3 1 TB. Western Digital's 1 TB SATA III model is a touch faster, but it's nearly 50% more expensive. It's not worth the added cost.

    GPU: GTX 580 or HD 6950 2 GB (any brand will do. If you get the 6950 2 GB, you can make it a 6970 by flashing the BIOS (there are numerous guides out there about it). The 580 is more powerful, but it's also a lot more expensive and louder. Given what you're planning on playing, you could easily step this down as low as the GTX 460 1 GB, but I wouldn't go any lower.

    PSU: Something to the effect of Corsair's Professional 850W 80+ Gold. You don't need more than 850W, if you want the option to Crossfire/SLI the GTX 580/HD 6950 later, but I'd definitely get something that's 80+ Certified. If you decide on the GTX 460 1 GB, a 650W would be best. I'd suggest a 750W for anything in between those. I would stick to Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, and SeaSonic for quality.

    HSF: For an air cooler, you can't beat Noctua's NH-D14. You might want to consider getting a true liquid cooled system, but that'll cost you a lot, typically $500 or more. You'll need to pick a GPU with a liquid cooling heatsink, like this EVGA GTX 580, unless you want to try replacing the heatsink yourself. I don't know a whole lot about liquid cooling, simply because it's rarely recommended, so I can't effectively point you to a cooling system that would be ideal.

    Case: Silverstone Fotress FT02 (or with window. It's big, but it's pretty quiet. It'll fit everything you'd ever need to put in it.
  2. Hey MadAdmiral, thx for your response.

    There are some HTPC cases that can take a full sized GPU, and some cases can take them too but by removing HD cages as i heard.
    Take a look at this, and this, can the HD 6950 or 6970 fit in one of them?

    For the CW02, it says, Expansion card: Support 12.1” or 15.5” (with card reader removed), does that mean i can fit a full sized GPU if i remove the unwanted MC reader?

    Ram: i wanted to go Corsair Vengeance, i really like them and like Corsair's products, but i read alot of users saying they returned them back after a while, maybe now they're more stable, shall i go for them?
    And as i know, Intel recommends using 1.5v ram, will the 1.6v you suggested work flawlessly?

    SSD: 120GB is fine at this price and offers alot of space, i dont need more storage space for a primary barely used drive and as i said, im paying only 220$, if the ssd you suggested wins the race, surley i'll pay extra 20$. Your suggestion of waiting for the new generation of SSD's is great and is concidered as a future upgrading option. Though i've set an open budget, but i intend to use it wisely and to suffice my needs, and maybe save some for future upgrades or other stuff, and im re-decorating my room. so, i could use some extra cash. lol

    HDD: I am paying nothing for it since i already have the WD External HDD, im just going to move the files in it to another HDD and install the current one inside the case, simple as that. If im buying new hdd, it would be the 3Tb Green Caviar by WD, for then it will go in the nas if i get it.

    GPU: I intend on keeping it at factory settings for now, HD 6950 is good, my options were 6950 and 6970 max, i think i'll go with the 6950 then..

    PSU: If the 6950 fits well on the CW02 Case, i'll definately not crossfire and stick to your suggested 850W psu. What do you think of thermaltake?

    Either this, or this.

    HSF: For the case you suggested, you made a good choice of all parts including the air cooler.

    Anyway, i'll wait for a confirmation for the HD6950 fitting in the CW02 Case, if it doesn't fit, i'll go for a Full Tower Case with leds and windows to give it the fancy look. Mid & Full tower cases look awful imo.

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated and are taken into consideration. Thanks bro!

    Willing and waiting to hear from others to see what would be the final conclusion. Changes must be better than MadAdmiral's choices for me to concider them, as our fellow member gave great suggestions.

    P.S: guys, dont forget to give your opinions regarding the NAS too, seems like am thinking right.
  3. Those cases are also nearly $700, and only have a few very small fans. HTPC case in general are very expensive for what you get. Nothing in the specs suggest they won't fit the larger cards, but they're pretty big in their own right.

    Also, not every mid or full tower case is ugly. There are some very good looking cases out there. I'd just browse through the cases on Newegg to find one you think looks good.

    RAM: Corsair sticks are usually overpriced. Besides, G.Skill is generally considered a better performing brand and often offers a lot more value. As for the voltage, I'm 99% sure that Intel typically recommend 1.65V or less (might be a regional difference there, I don't know). You'll be fine as long as you're under that.

    PSU: If you don't want to Crossfire, you can get a 650W PSU. The 850W was for a Crossfire system. Thermaltake's PSUs generally stink. If you've got the budget, stick to the major players and make sure it's as highly efficient (80+ Gold is the best) as possible.
  4. I don't see the need for such an expensive system. Why not a 1TB NAS for your storage for the 2-4 computers?

    2600k or 2500k would be good for photo editing
    8-12GB of RAM
    60-90GB SSD boot drive
    500-1000 data drive
    560 or 570 nvidia GPU
    good 600w 80+ PSU
  5. ^You do realize that what you're proposing is only $100-200 cheaper than what was proposed above? And most of that's due to the difference in the GPU. Of course, that's excluding the case, which wouldn't have to change.
  6. Well this case is priced at 360$, which is good for me, do i need alot of airflow for my rig? tbh, if the case works right, i wont be overclocking nor crossfiring, everything will be factory set and normal, i dont thing i need additional coolers at this point, do i? I mean, i only need a cpu cooler and a couple of 92mm fans. in addition.

    The speeds of the CPU, GPU and Ram, are great i don't think i'll use more than that and overclock them. I i want to overclock, that would be in the far future, when the warranty ends maybe, and by then i'll be upgrading or buying new parts. This build may remain the same and goes with me to our new house and sit in the living room.

    Lets say that this is the final setup (A Build on an HTPC Case);

    Case: SilverStone CW02B-MXR Aluminum ATX HTPC Case. (360$)

    Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Deluxe (cant seem to get a price, last time checked it was 235$)

    CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz (329$)

    Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3/1600 (I'll stick to the 1.5v untill i send and email and ask intel to clarify, and if it's ok with the 1.6, i'll go with your suggested ram for sure.) = (100$ and 150$ for the 1.6v CAS-7)

    Primary HDD: G.Skill's Phoenix Pro 120 GB (SSD - dedicated for OS and software/games installations) As you suggested. (at 240$)
    Secondary HDD:
    1- WD Caviar Black 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" (170$)
    2- WD Caviar Green 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" (160$)
    3- 2x SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" (two of these for a 2TB storage = 130$)

    NOTE: My WD is working crazy and has alot of sounds comming out of it, i'll be getting 2TB instead of 1TB to move files over and have extra 1TB of space just in case.

    GPU: ASUS HD6950 2GB or XFX HD6950 2GB (Same price for both = 299$)

    PSU: CORSAIR Pro Series 750W 80+ Gold (You recommended 650W, i went to 750W to be safer and ready for any upgrade) (170$)

    Price without Secondary HDD: 1733$
    Price with WD Caviar Black 2TB: 1903$
    Price with WD Caviar Green 2TB: 1893$
    Price with Samsung SP F3 1TBx2: 1863$

    That's all without the air cooler, is this build ok on an HTPC case? is it missing anything?

    Im not saying i'll go with it, i just want to know if its good to go with it.. and If not, i'd probably go with a Mid to Full tower case and add more specs, but tbh, i'd like to get that HTPC setup, as it's really what i wanted.

    Still in need of thoughts and suggestions, for now there's 3 HDD's, i've got to choose one of them.
  7. christiangordon: as MadAdmiral stated, building a system which is 100 to 200$ cheaper isn't doing any good change.

    120GB is good storage for what i need as a primary HDD, as i said before, i'll be doing some photo editing and gaming too. Secondary storage should've been 1TB, but due to some problems occuring to my current external wd hdd, i have to be sure that i don't lose my data and thus a 2TB internal drive is a must right now.

    As for the NAS, believe me when i say that a 1TB storage isn't enough for the serials i have, over 1.8TB. I Rip my blu-ray movies and serials to my HDD's to save myself time and space too, and you know that br-rips are nothing less than a 3gig file each when compressed. I currently have 4 EX HDD's, WD 1TB, Iomega 2TB, and two Buffalo 2TB completely maxed out! thats a massive 7TB of media.

    I guess you need to re-consider your suggestion bro, your thoughts are always useful and appreciated.
  8. Would it be beneficial since this is a HTPC to go with the 2600 (locked) and a H67 board so he could take advantage of Intel Quick Sync?? Going with the K and P67 board will make you lose out on all the video editing and converting speed perks.
  9. ^Generally, that'd be a good idea, but you'd get better overall performance with the K version and a separate GPU. That's the main issue with the H67/P67 chipsets. If you go with the H67, you get the boost from the sync, but you lose the benefits from overclocking. The Z68 fixes all of this, but it's not going to be out for a few months.

    Looking back, I'd highly recommend going with a nVidia GPU. You'll get quite a bit of performance gains when editing. Any of the GTX 5xx cards would be a good choice.

    My only issue with the HTPC cases you're looking at is that there isn't much cooling. The CW02 (the $360 one) only has a single 120mm fan. There isn't any options to add more. Typically, you want at least three or four fans for good cooling. The CW03 (the $660 one) has four 80mm fans, which would provide enough cooling, but 80mm fans are pretty loud. Also, even $300 is a pretty crazy amount to pay for a case.

    Here's a partial list of amazing regular cases that are under the $360 the CW02 costs: Corsair Obsidian 800D, Corsair Obsidian 700D, Lian Li PC-P80, Silverstone TJ10-BW, Silverstone TJ07-BW, Silverstone FT02, Silverstone Raven RV01-BW, Silverstone Raven RV02-BW, Coolermaster Cosmos S RC-1100, Antec P183, and Antec Lanboy Air.

    Really, I could limit that to the Silverstone FT02, Raven RV02-BW (a truly unique case, as the board is rotated 90 degrees), Coolermaster Cosmos and Antec Lanboy Air (looks amazing in my opinion, and you're not getting more bling that what it comes with, comes in blue, red and yellow). I might leave the P183 in there, as it's well known for being nearly silent.
  10. Ok MadAdmiral, lets round it up.

    All parts i mentioned in my last post are agreed with, except for the case, and a slight concern over the GPU being AMD instead of nVidia.

    Can you please choose between both? an nVidia GPU thats identical with the HD6950 or slightly ahead, hope the price doesn't raise much lol. Provide me with the link and tell me that i should buy it thats all.

    And between the 3 HDD's i mentioned, what do you think? i feel going with the 6Gb/s WD Black for faster solutions.

    Give me couple of minutes to choose between the cases you proposed, i'll choose one or two and see what you think. I've seen some already, awesome designs!
  11. As far as GPUs that are "equal" to the HD 6950, there isn't really one. The GTX 560 is closest in terms of price, but given the 6950's ability to be turned into a 6970, it's not really that close in terms of raw performance. The GTX 570 would be next, but it's a bit more expensive, and would still be a little weaker in raw performance. Still, either of those would be more than adequate for gaming, and would certainly be better in editing applications. I'd go with whichever one fits your budget best.

    The problem is that a single SATA III HDD isn't going to be faster than two SATA II drives in RAID 0. SATA III really doesn't do anything for mechanical drives. I'd go with the cheapest 2 TB solution, which also happens to be the fastest. The two F3s in a RAID 0 setup would be the fastest of all three options.
  12. uuuuh i've been editing my previous post and writing about the case i want for like 5 minutes, suddenly, after i press the post button, i get the "you're not allowed to edit this post" message lol! frustrating.

    Anyway, i was asking about the Antec 1200, but seems that your previously mentioned Lanboy Air is way ahead of the 1200, so it's my choice for the case.

    As for the GPU, i'll be going with HD 6950, either Asus or XFX (please tell me if it makes any difference), and since we went to full tower, the option of overclocking and crossfiring has grown, therefore, a better psu needed right? you said 850W 80plus corsair i guess. I'll be getting another HD6950 in the next couple of months or so, i hope.

    HDD: i chose WD because i find it more reliable than any other brand, for i've been using them for quite a long time, but you're being helpful and showing great experience, and i guess i'll go after the Samsung SP F3 2x1TB as you suggested and hope for a new good experience with samsung hdd's.

    If there's anything more i need to know, please refer it to me, i learned alot and willing to learn more from you brother..

    One important thing i need too, is the Remote controller set, which is a main setup in an HTPC, if you've any experience, lighten my way.

    I've to go now, and i'll be back by tomorrow max, to finalize the setup with you if you have enough time. The day after am going to check local prices for the selected parts, hope i wont find big differences, and see which parts to buy from here, and which to order online.

    take care for now,
  13. The 1200 is an excellent case as well. The list I made mostly included only the really expensive cases. I stopped at around $150-170. There are plenty of great cases under that price as well, such as the 1200, Antec's 900, Coolermaster's HAF 932 and HAF 922, and anything from Lian Li.

    There isn't much difference between bands of GPUs. Generally, I recommend the cheapest one or the one with the best warranty. XFX's warranties are typically "double" lifetime warranties, meaning both you and the person you sell the card to are covered.

    Samsung is just as reliable. Really, all HDDs are extremely reliable, with the main exception being the Seagate 7200.11 drives, as they had an issue where a firmware update turned them into bricks.

    I don't have any knowledge about remote controllers for PCs. My main machine is basically an HTPC and I just use a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  14. Ok, so i got a list of of parts i need, i just need a confirmation on the PSU, is 850W enough if i ever go to overclock in the future? or should i get the 1000W to be on the safe side?

    Parts i selected as suggested above, Case, Mobo, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD's.
    Awaiting confirmation by MadAdmiral: PSU, either 850W or 1000W.

    Still waiting:
    1- A Remote controller set for the PC (Hope whoever reads this, help me with it.)
    2- Any cooling solution for what i chose, and could help for future overclocking and crossfiring.
    3- Anything useful or not mentioned.
  15. 850W is more than enough to Crossfire and overclock. You could even get by on a 750W, but an 850W would give you more head room.
  16. Too bad i have to change the case because of the external excessive blue colour, it doesn't match with the new decoration of my room, nor does the yellow or red cases.

    Anyway, to speed up the process, i headed right away to Zalman's site, and took a look at their cases, and i really liked the GS 1200, so what do you think Admiral? please dont tell me that i have to choose another one :P

    HSF: you suggested Noctua NH-D14, while a friend suggested Thermalright Venemous X, still go for Noctua?

    Do i need anymore cooling? anything else left before finalising the setup?

    We've got our case and hsf (whenever u reply), mobo, cpu, gpu, ram, psu (the corsair pro 850W) and hdd's.

    For the remote controller, i'll go with Logitech's Harmony series, either Harmony One, 650 or 900. (I then need an IR receiver for the remote to control my pc)

    After that, i guess nothing more needed and i can start buying/ordering the parts.
  17. The case looks just fine.

    As for the HSF, the Noctua is considered either the best air cooler or one of the best available. If you're looking for some serious cooling, that's what I'd get.

    You don't need any more cooling.
  18. Yeah, true, after doing some search, almost every website considered it to be either no.1 or no.2 on HSF rankings.

    Anyway, that's the final setup:-

    Case: Zalman GS1200 (262$)

    MB: Asus P8P67 Deluxe (cant seem to get a price, last time i checked it was 235$)

    CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz (329$)

    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600/CAS 7 (I talked to G.Skill, they said they will work by manually configuring the BIOS) (150$)

    GPU: XFX HD 6950 2GB (290$)

    1- Primary HDD: G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB SATA II SSD (240$)
    2- Secondary HDD: 2x (two) SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB (2x55$ =110$)

    PSU: Corsair's Professional 850W 80+ Gold (190$)

    HSF: Noctua NH-D14 (75$)

    Overall costs: 1881$

    That's about 524KD in here.. Except, The case, Rams, SSD and PSU are not available in our market and therefore will be ordered, so i should consider paying some shipping costs. Im not sure about the HSF, i went out today but forgot to ask about it. So the things to buy locally are, CPU, Mobo, GPU and maybe the HSF.

    For the case, we have plenty in here, mostly Thermaltake and Gigabyte (all sucks!) and besides, i love the looks of Zalman case, Ram and SSD (G.Skill was never, and will not be available anytime soon) only Kingston, OCZ and Corsair for RAM, while for SSD's, there's Corsair alongside Intel and another brand which they told me its not worth it, and though Corsair has plenty of computer related parts in here, the PSU's are not of them, and when i asked today, they all suggested the Thermaltake or Gigabyte PSU, i dont know why, maybe because they are the only good ones available at extremely high prices :S

    All other parts that i chose and are available here, are from 20-40$ more expensive, if i order them, i'll get nearly the same price and loose warranty, therefore am buying them locally.

    I guess that's all, great thanks to you MadAdmiral, i really appreciate your great help and effort, not to forget your patience and trying to fill every single gap with plenty of useful information, again, Thanks bro!
  19. So the parts arrived, bought them locally from 1 store for the warranty and got a great deal on them, paid like 40-50$ more but saved more than 100$ shipping costs.. Except for the case that i can't seem to find any online store that sells them, or at least ships them to Kuwait, accept for QuietPC, who are selling them for 250$ and added 185$ for shipping :@

    I like it, and i feel it's worth it so im going to order it, unless someone has another website/plan, they're welcome to share it.

    Im slightly concerned about the PSU (850W), first, i can't seem to find it on local stores and ordering it will cost me about doube to triple the price because of some stupid customs law on power supplies and some other parts, and as i said, i want the PSU to have the ability to stand the overclock and crossfire option, which was confrmed by MadAdmiral, yet im thinking, with the CF and OC done, will there be any more room to fill up the case with HDD's?
    Since i already have plenty of HDD's and the case can take up to 6 x 3.5" drives, im willing to fill it up for now, so i can quickly access them without using more cables and wires outside the case, untill i get the NAS system by the end of May (had to delay for some reasons.)

    I hope i get the answer soon, and is there by any chance, another brand that is as good as Corsair when it comes to PSU? (from the ones we already have in local stores)

    Locally, we have many brands (most of them are cheap ones), but the high-end PSU's as the stores call them, are ThermalTake and Gigabyte, sadly, they are all either bronze or silver rated..

    Suggestions are mostly welcome. I wish i can get the PSU asap, so i can try my parts and get them replaced if any of them were dead.

    Thanks in advance.
  20. HDDs don't really use up a lot of power. Also, almost all PSU wattage calculators and usage graphs show the wattage at maximum loads. In the real world, you will almost never actually need that much power. And if you did, quality PSUs will be able to provide more wattage than they state. A great 850W can typically provide up to 950W of power if needed.

    The best PSU brands other than Corsair are Antec, Silverstone, SeaSonic and XFX. Other good ones are PC Power & Cooling and FSP, but they're typically OEM providers who sell to other manufacturers. If none of those are available, I'll have to do some digging for PSU reviews.
  21. I see, but the problem is that we don't have much retailers here, so stores order the items online from the Company that sells them, and according to the market, they bring whatever most people use, so Corsair, Antec, and the other brands you mentioned are not available for sure.

    I remember i saw Silverstone PSU's but they were either 500W or less, so it seems that i have to pay alot to get the best PSU, becuase im not willing to get a cheap one and sacrifice the whole build.

    I looked up how much the HDD's really use of power, and 6 HDD's seem to use between 80 to 120 max, depending on their specs.

    Anyway, i know how hard it is to choose between PSU's without me providing you with specific brands and wattage info about what we already have, so i'll try get all brands that are sold on our market and list them here, so you can provide me with the best opinion, or else i'll pay whatever it takes to get Corsair's PSU.
  22. Hi there,

    My friend wants the same pc i have, so i decided to go out with him to the same store i bought my parts from, unfortunately, the items were out of stock, and he wont have them again untill early may.

    Anyway, he bought this motherboard and i just want to make sure it's not the one affected with the SATA problem? He bought it because it had REV 3.0 on it's description, and the seller is not answering our questions nor replying to our messages..

    There's a problem while ordering other parts, as newegg only accepts US credits, and he has to order all items from one place, is there anyway to get over that by having a virtual credit online or something? (like and how it works if anyone has any experience..

    Ordering the parts from one place means alot less customs duties and shipping costs, for me i ordered the psu from tigerdirect because i only had to order one item, but he can't because they don't offer G.Skill products nor samsung HDD's and also not the HSF i have.

    My PSU should arrive next week max, so my build will be complete thanks to your help MadAdmiral.

    PS: He already has a US address, provided by Aramex to ship from the US to Kuwait, the only problem is the US credit card.
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