9800gt green edition with 6-pin power connector?!!!

i posted earlier abt a 9800gt green with its specs being the following:
550MHz core
1350MHz shaders
600MHz memrory
128-bit interface
well i noticed also that all 9800gt green dont have 6-pin power connectors and work at 900MHz mem
256-bit interface and 16 rops which is faster than i have....
the thing is i opened my pc case and noticed that the 9800gt has a 6-pin power connector could this power connector if connected increase the performance of the card with extra power ?
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  1. It will allow for higher clocks yes but you have to overclock it your self using either riva tuner or msi afterburner.
  2. yea i get it, but will the memory clock for example once the 6-pin is connected be raised by itself to 900MHz and the interface becomes 256-bit and the rop's become 16 or i will only have to increase the memory clock myself? to 900MHz?
    and the rop's and interface stays the same?
    the way i thought of it was that this card is another version it can be powered by the pci-e but runs at half its power thats why it has the 6-pin to be able to run at full power am i right?
  3. You should not be able to change the bus width (128 bit) nor the number ROP's. They are both Hardware elements.
    You could raise the freuqencies with the programs listed ^^above^^ by nforce4max

    Just curious what brand is it?
  4. its inno3d.
    could i raise the frequencies without damaging the card from 600MHz memory clock to 650MHz maybe 700MHz?and core to 600mhz and shaders to 1500MHz?
  5. I don't really know. You should try and test it if it's stable you should be OK, it will decrease the card life span depending on how much you raise the frequencies (nothing to dramatic, but you should keep it in mind).
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