Input not supported when show desktop only in 2

The external monitor will show input not supported when the notebook is in "show pnly in 2" mode.
It wors perfect in other disply modes. Until yesterday it was working fine, but today I just couldn´t make it work normally.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. How are you switching modes? If you are doing it through Windows, see if you have another way through your graphics card's interface (if you have Nvidia control panel or if you have ATI's Catalyst in your toolbar).
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply, now the problem I have is that the resolution is inferior to what it used to be, and aparently theres no way to increase it!
    Any idea?
  3. Go back into the graphics interface and see if you can change the resolution in there. If you tried in there, go into the windows resolution dialog and try there.
  4. it shows the current display resolution is the maximun one! Normally when pluggin the monitor it used to show a recomended resolution but not anymore!
  5. Do you have the same problem when you are displaying both the external and laptop monitor or only when you are using the external monitor with the laptop one turned off?
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