Is there a significant difference between gaming NIC cards and regular NIC cards that both show the ability to send/receive at 10/100/1000Mbps or higher? Or is the only real difference insane prices for gaming network cards?
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  1. Gaming NIC are a waste of money. They will not work any faster than regular NICs since 99% of your latency to an internet server is created outside of the PC.
  2. just buy an Intel workstation or server card if you're will to spend the money on a "gaming" NIC.

    There does seem to be somewhat of a diff with NICs.

    My brother has an integrated RealTek NIC and a full namebrand custom built computer with an i7 2.66 OC'd to 3.9 and I have a crappy store bought Dell with an integrated Intel NIC.

    When he comes over to play at my house, I get 80-90ms in game pings with BC2, but he gets 110-120ms.

    I have no MAC/computer specific QOS, so it's not that and We both have Win7 with default Installs, no reg tweaking/etc.
  3. They're a waste of money. The standard onboard NIC's will provide all the speed your network has to offer. Upgrading the strongest link doesn't help the weakest.
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