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Question about HD 5850 bottlenecking

Ok guys,

I am really looking hard in upgrading my rig to a i5 2500k. Maybe i7 2600K. Not sure. But I was informed that I wouldn't see much of a performance gain because my 5850 would bottleneck the CPU. What do you vets think. I am also thinking on xfiring as well. But will my single 5850 slow the new SB down if I got one? I really can't see this happening. the 5850 isn't ancient by no means. Man I need some serious insight. I feel like I just walked a of a barrel that went over Niagra Falls :pt1cable:

ASUS P5K-E, Intel E8400 Dual core O/C 3.6 ghz. Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 5850. Play games at 1650 x 1050. Creative X-FI gamer, 4 gigs ddr2 ram, 500 gig HD. ANTEC Gamer 900 tower. Windows 7 Pro. 610 silencer PSU.
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    I really don't see the HD5850 slowing down your potential new rig. If so, it would only be under extreme circumstances and you could always CF as you mentioned. The bottom line is that the HD5850 is a VERY good GPU and it performs VERY well in most applications. I think you are good to go.

    Good luck!
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