What are PSU/Other Requirements To Run GTX 570

I just got a GTX 570, and my computer can't seem to handle it, I guess its the cheap PSU I got... Whenever I run a 3d app, it crashes within 10 seconds of the 3d portion starting (computer restarts). Now, this isn't due to the GTX 570, as I had ATI3870x2 and 5870, and they both did the same, only they lasted more.

So its obviously not the card, but something on my computer that can't handle high-end graphics card. How do I diagnose what it is? How do I know if its insufficient cooling or bad PSU? And what PSU model would you recommend from the cooler-master series. In my country that's the only big-brand-name coolers we have.

So which is the cheapest cooler-master that I can get, yet it can handle gtx 570 fine? I want to buy a cooler-master that's just enough for GTX 570, not one that's meant to support triple sli or something :)

Btw, I'm a total dweeb about this stuff if you can't tell :) I have no idea where to even start to find out this stuff.
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  1. Minimum 550W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 38A)

    thats factory recomendation on a refrence card ... so


    costs 59.95... for that price


    5 more up front, save 5 dollars after the rebate... and its a much better psu



    this is even better but 80 up front, still 59.95 aftr rebate though, and corsair is quick on thier rebates
  2. Newegg only ships to US and Canada unfortunately :) You guys have it so good there... Everything is so cheap for you guys :D Here prices are like 50% more, even online.

    Of the 550W models, I only have this one in my country:

    Btw, is this 550W sufficing as in "barely" or is more like "guaranteed" to work?
  3. You have a very nice GPU. Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to your question. The common manufacturer's recommendation for that card is:

    550-watt power supply with a minimum of 38 amps on the +12 volt rail

    Most reviews show that the GTX 570 actually consumes a lot less power. This THG review shows an average at high load of about 330w - so maybe some roon at 350w:


    That actually is fairly consistent with using a 550w PSU as recommended as you don't want to push the limits of a PSU - much better for multiple reasons to have substantial headroom.

    But you also need a quality PSU. Some Coolermasters are capable but not top of the line. I normally would not recommend this brand. All the more reason to have that headroom. However Coolermaster has several brands with significant differences in qualtiy.

    If possible, I suggest getting the GX 650. It is the smallest PSU in this series which is for higher end use and provide 52 amps of 12v power.

    Alternatively consider the eXtreme Power Plus 650w. While it too has a lot more wattage than required, it only has about 36 ampd of 12v power, just a little more than the recommended level.

    I would not get the eXtreme Power 550w which only has 32amps of 12v power:

  4. http://www.compusa.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4434991&csid=ITD&body=MAIN#productresources

    actually looking at the coolmaster on this link (same model) 16 A per 12v rail 2 rails total only 32 A on 12v ... so in short no it won't work for you

    the 650 watt has 52 amps on the 12v so it'd be fine but its more expensive


    so basically the 550 MIGHT work but like you said it would barely work and might not work

    the 650watt would be a guaruntee to work as long as the psu isn't DOA
  5. The extreme power only comes in 400W in my country's distributer. Here's the models it has:


    the language isn't english, but the model names are. Basically, I don't wanna get burned again. I originally had a 450W (ok quality) with my original rig and it worked finde...

    Then I got a 650W no-name PSU a year ago thinking that its all about watts, and it actually restarted more :D So, its not all about watts. I just don't know how to tell what will solve my problem. I don't wanna get another PSU, to find out its not enough, because the rails or what not is not right lol.
  6. CM GX 650W RS650-ACAAE3-EU GX 650W
    Cooler Master
    Цена (со ДДВ) 5.456 ден. / 83,84 €
    Гаранција 1800 дена
    ДДВ 18%
    Шифра 23372
    Количина Нема

    its on there , the edxact same psu 52amps on the 12v single rail :D

    but yea the 400 isn't gonna cut it for sure
  7. g00fysmiley said:
    CM GX 650W RS650-ACAAE3-EU GX 650W
    Cooler Master
    Цена (со ДДВ) 5.456 ден. / 83,84 €
    Гаранција 1800 дена
    ДДВ 18%
    Шифра 23372
    Количина Нема

    its on there , the edxact same psu 52amps on the 12v single rail :D

    but yea the 400 isn't gonna cut it for sure

    Количина Нема = Quantity None

    HAHAHA, just my luck :D

    This one is in stock though:

    CM GX 750W RS750-ACAAE3-EU GX 750W 80Plus sinle 12V rail,Standard cable EU cable

    I'll just get this one, if all the rail stuff is fine?
  8. Ok I'm starting to understand this stuff. Apparently my current PSU which is 650 watts, only has 18A on the 12v rails... And you need 38amps for a gtx 570. Yeeeeeey, I think I get it finally.

    My current PSU:

    Now that I think I get this amp stuff, its funny that I tried to run a high-end graphics card on it :D
  9. yes, CM GX 750W has 60 amps on the 12v, thats more thna enough and its a 80+ bronze psu so it'll be nice and efficient
  10. g00fysmiley said:
    yes, CM GX 750W has 60 amps on the 12v, thats more thna enough and its a 80+ bronze psu so it'll be nice and efficient

    Thanks for everything man :) Appreciate it.

    Can't wait to give this card a spin tommorow after I get the PSU... lol Its kinda funny having a computer with a gtx 570 sitting next to me, and I have to not use it until tommorow, grrrr :D hahahha.
  11. Glad to see you ended up getting the larger GX series as I recommended. Still it is unfortunate that you can't get a better brand like Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, or OCZ or even Thermatalke, FSP (Fortron), or Enermax. Perhaps you should go into the PSU business.
  12. yea cool master's aren't the best but as he's not in the us or uk he has limited selection.

    he was going to go for a 650 watt psu and seems to only want to run one gtx 570, so i think he'lll be fine with a cm 750 since the 650 watt is sold out

    really a better brand 550 watt psu would work given signifigant amperage but for 1 570 the cm 750 will be fine
  13. Don't be too put off with power suppliers with multi rails that split the ampage up between them
    Remember with this card you are accessing 3 rails (yes 3 NOT 2)


    I run my 570 overclocked with a 2 year old Hiper RII 680 that has 4 rails of 18a each.
    With 2 connectors to the GFX that's 36 amps - this card needs 37 and a half doesn't it... "Not enough" I hear you say.

    Well don't forget that you also draw power from the PCI slot which is on a third rail shared (more often than not) with the opticals and HDD with the CPU and chipset on a 4th.

    Under stress my whole system never pulls more than 430 Watts, so even if all that was JUST the GFX

    There is "single rail" snobbery - but I wouldn't want people with perfectly good multi rail cards to miscalculate.
    Remember back in the voodo days when all the power was drawn through the old PCI slot with your 2d solution sat another PCI (or sometimes the AGP) slot - except for the Banshee which sat in the AGP slot.

    Well your card still draws power through the slot today and has access to a full rail of ampage through each dedicated connection - and it's cumulative.

    If you have a good quality branded 500 watt or higher PSU with 40 amps or more - no matter HOW distributed through the rails - the chances are it will work just fine. Don't get hassled into spending £100 or more on a single rail solution when you don't need one.

    The key phrase here is "good quality branded 500w or higher" personally I'd go 550-600 minimum, but hey - it's a free world.

  14. Hey guys! I just ordered a new GTX 570 that has been overclocked (the Gigabyte OC rev 2) and I am concerned about whether my PSU would be able to handle it. I am primarily worried because it has multiple rails and I know that PCIe has it's own 12V power supplying capability so im just worried that one of my rails wont be enough.
    Heres my PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371015
    Here's my card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125384
    My current PC setup:
    I have 2x1TB Caviar Blacks,
    6GB ram,
    Core i7 920 (stock, crashes when I OC, which is why I am concerned)
    GTX 275 OC
    Asus Xonar Essence ST
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