No signal to monitor once i install gfx card drivers?!?! (X1950 pro)

Hi there,

Ive been having some problems lately and need your help if possible because i am lost.

Firstly i had a problem where i would bout up Windows XP, the windows loading screen would come up with the bar etc then just before it went to my desktop my monitor would go dark and "no signal" would come up.

I then tryed to boot up in safe mode and it would boot up fine, I then removed the gfx drivers (Newest ATI drivers) and rebooted.

Everything booted fine again and im typing this on the computer in question, however i have no GFX drivers installed.

I have tried so many different drivers and the same thing always happens, as soon as i install a display driver,windows loading screen appears when i boot, but just before it gets to my desktop the monitor goes black and again the no signal box appears.

Ive tried old ATI drivers and also old Omega drivers but still no joy,

Ive also took the card out and reconnected it but nothing.

Specs below

Radeon x1950 pro
E6550 @ 3ghz
Geil 2gb Ram 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v 800mhz
EVGA E650i ultra motherboard
Corsair 520w

Any ideas or is my GFX card broken?
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  1. are u installing the whole catalyst or just the driver?

    if just the driver, try this instead:
  2. We're sorry, but this download request cannot be authorized. As an option, you may visit any of the pages below for information about our services and products

    And i have tried both but mostly just the driver.
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