New gaming rig won't power up

Shut her down to install a usb 3.0 pcie port and it never turned back on. Was working fine, just got it two days ago. Installed a 2nd gpu, some other accessories and immediately following this installment of this pcie usb 3.0 the pc simply doesnt work on any wall outlet or cable, I've lots of spares for it so it must be fried? Through the back grate I can see one red light pop on when I attempt to power it on. Sigh.

Not sure what to do, this rig was a nightmare from the instant I got it.
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  1. you got the first half of troubleshooting done... you added a new card and now it won't turn on.... so let's remove the new card and see if it will
  2. of course i did immediately after it didnt boot up, with no new card inside it still doesnt boot up with even switching the cables and wall outlet, i am very sad right now after the stress this thing caused me the last 2 days lol

    i hope the problem is fixable otherwise im going to cry
  3. ok here's the method then.... remove everything... put one stick of ram and the cpu in... test it... if that works add another stick of ram... and so on and so forth until it won't start... you don't have specs listed but I'm assuming this machine is sandy bridge and has some form of built in video... best of luck with your Easter egg hunt
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