Hard disk drives not installed,HELP!?

Hey guys, i have a Packard bell pc quite old with no warranty, but it had no operating system so i bought Window's XP Home Edition (£80) so when i boot ut up and this error comes up saying 'no hard disk drives are installed on this computer' so did some reasearch for a while and found out you need to go into BIOS so i did then it said you have to change the SATA drive to ATI somthing like that, so i went into BIOS and there was no settings for that so YES GUYS HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
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  1. Help
  2. Are you sure there's a hard drive in there?
  3. Yes i got it working like two days ago and then it went like this and i thook the harddrive out today?
  4. Help
  5. Have you tried booting from the windows CD/DVD and installing windows onto the hard drive? Or can you not boot at all?
  6. YNope i cant boot just gets stuck on the start windows normally screen HElP
  7. Sorry. I'm out of ideas
  8. LOL
  9. help
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