Wireless problem between router and laptop, disconnects a lot

Up until recently I had wimax connection and d link wireless access point and it worked fine. But now I got ADSL and some Pirelli router. On my PC and PC in next room where laptop is it works fine, speed and all and there's no disconnect like on laptop.
It works for a while but then it suddenly starts disconnecting every few minutes for a while. Then it stops and works for a while and then it happens again.
I installed newest drivers for wlan card on laptop but didn't help.

Anyone got idea what might be the problem? Laptop is Dell Studio XPS 1640, wireless card is Intel Wifi 5100 agn.
Connection returns after few seconds but it stills screws everything up. Router and laptop are on same channel so thats not the problem.
Also it drops whole connection not just internet, because I see little sun on wireless icon and it reconnecting.
Windows 7 64 bit, max performance in power saving so think thats not it.
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  1. Hi,

    Was the issue resolved for because i am also facing a similar issue with my Dell Studio 15?
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