Gtx465 aftermarket coolers in sli help

this is the space i have with stock coolers on need to know what aftermarket cooler will fit.

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  1. Pretty sure only Zalman VF3000 and Scyth Setsugens fit that space.

    I bought the Setsugens for my 5850s, they're pretty good. Definitely very quiet but they don't have quit the cooling performance of stock, so if you're going for a huge OC they won't be as good. But for quietness and performance, they're good.
  2. Yes if the new cooler are dual slot but with more and more coolers that are coming on the market no as they are tri slot that are meant for these cards. Your best option is to get blocks for them instead and go water. Dual slot coolers are limited in their ability to keep GF100 based cards cool including these especially for the after market coolers.
  3. well one of the fans is bad on the stock cooler and i dont know where to get a new one
  4. From Galaxy :D

    Send them an email.
  5. If it is under warranty ask the manufacturer for a replacement. If not any dual slot cooler compatiable with the 465 will work.
  6. Describe the problem that you are having with it, if it is just a noisy bearing that 10min and you can have it fixed in no time.
  7. yes its noise as heck
  8. There are no aftermarket coolers that will fit that space, I believe. Most are dual or even triple slot. Someone correct me it I'm wrong. Definitely look at repairing the current fan.
  9. i was told the gelid has one that is only 2 profile
  10. If it is just a noisy bearing then just take apart the fan clean it and then regrease it. I had to do it to one of the fans on my GTX 460 yesterday and is as good as new.
  11. Like I said, VF 3000 should fit and I know Scyth Setsugens fit. If he can't fix the fan or get a replacement fan from Galaxy... well...

    Here's my crossfire 5850s, with an Auzentech Bravura sound card in between. The Setsugens take up 2 slots, which the OP has available (his card is 2 slots, plus a 1 slot space):
  12. Doesn't look like it but if the headroom distance is less than 50 cm ....
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