PC shutting down when playing games.

As the title states, my computer has been shutting down around 15mins to an hour into playing certain games. Games like bad company 2, the witcher 2 and thats basically it so far. Its only specific games. So i bought a new CPU fan ( i needed it anyways). This was not the culprit. Still Shut down.

Recently I've ever only attributed it to my video card which was a radeon hd 4850. I've heard and read those cards run very hot and I agree, they do. Usually cranking my card fan speed to 100% has solved the issue. With the witcher 2, this wasn't the case. It didn't seem to matter.

SOO! Today I picked up a cheap evga geforce 550 ti for around 125 bucks just to be rid of the issue and I want to eventually pick up a second. After I installed it I dove into witcher 2 for around an hour and a half and then plop! Shut down on me. So naturally my next guess is my power supply. I thought i had an extra one around the house and found one. The fan on the back of my power supply I noticed wasn't working. It's an Antec sp-450 or something along those lines. The one I had lying around the house was an old 380 watt so I figured it was worth a try. I installed it and it has yet to crash after a few hours of playing.

One consistent thing I'm noticing tho is how HOT one of these temperatures is in both Pc wizard and speedfan. However I cant identify where it is. My only thought is its something in the power supply or on the mother board but its worrying me because its constantly between 90 degrees C and 112 degrees C. This is what im seeing..... (on BOTH power supply's) These are idle temps.

GPU: 32C
Temp1: 40C
Temp2: 34C
Temp3: 102C
HD0: 35C
Core: 34C

In game temps on core and gpu never rise above 68C

Im trying to figure out what is running so hot. It scares me. The temps are cross referenced in pc wiz and im getting the same thing. I've yet to have a crash on the 380 watt supply so im confident its the supply causing my shut downs but the high temp is still a major concern. My specs are as follows...

Mobo: MSI NF750-g55
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 Processor 3.2 GHz
VID: EVGA GeForce 550 ti 1024 gig ram (latest driver installed June 9, 2011)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 4.00 GB
PSupply: Antec TPII 380 (at the moment no crashes) it WAS a Antec sp-450 (the rear fan was not working)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. I think temp 3 is a faulty or non existent sensor, I have a similar setup that reports a temp 85-110C idle which drop immediately to 35-50C when there is any load.
  2. shutdowns are mostly related to the PSU.
    Overheating usually leads to system instability and freeze.
  3. Oh, faulty or non-existent temp is what I'm hoping for then. Mine idles at around 80-90C and then when playing a game it jumps to around 100-112C. So I'm still concerned. I just cant figure out what it is.
  4. If there was a real temp at over 100C for long something would be dead by now.
  5. You can download AIDA64 , and check the real CPU temp.
    or you can simply check it in the bios.
  6. kikireeki said:
    shutdowns are mostly related to the PSU.
    Overheating usually leads to system instability and freeze.


    Not for nothing, but you're running a 380 watt PSU at all? That's crazy low right there.. You may just not have enough power to support your rig.
    Secondly what case are you using. While I lean towards it being your PSU I had a problem once upon a yesteryear where my main temps were all fine and my system was crashing. I just had crappy airflow and it was causing my NB to overheat.. Just something else to keep in mind as you trouble shoot.. Good luck.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I went ahead and picked of a 600 watt PSU. The crashes stopped when I installed the 380 (was all I had and I wanted to make sure it wasnt anything else before I dropped money on a PSU). I knew that was way too low but no more crashes. I'm still getting some crazy random high temp so I'm going just suck it up and assume its a non-existent temp. Again thanks for all the replies.
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