AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Question

I've been doing a little research into my processor, an AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition. I've noticed that it is actually a Phenom Quad Core with 2 cores disabled. My question is, is there any way to successfully unlock these two cores? How would I go about this? I've searched through the BIOS and found nothing in particular.
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  1. YOu need to tell us what Motherboard you are using.
  2. If your motherboard has a SB750 or later chip, then you will normally have an option in bios to unlock cores.
  3. It's very unlikely you will be able to unlock cores on a Phenom I.
  4. If you have a newer mobo with ACC, it's possible, but unlikely.
  5. It's highly unlikely.

    Maybe all that weeds clouding your brain.
  6. Sorry for the long time since I went on here. Tried flashing the BIOS to the newest version (mobo is an ECI A740GM-M) and it failed! So I was up for the past 12 hours trying to reflash/restore the BIOS. Finally got it to work, and I'll go and check out what the BIOS has to say about unlocking, but I highly doubt I'd be able to. Thanks for your help, I'll repost when I find out if my BIOS will allow it.
  7. I figured as much. Oh well, not a big deal, I'm getting an AM3 board with a Phenom II x4 soonish anyways. Thanks for your help everyone!
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  9. I'd rather have an AM3+ but I can't find one in my price range with the features I need.
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