Best gpu for my ECS AM3 motherboard

I recently purchased a new computer that came equiped with an ECS AM3 mother board (MCP61M-M3), 3.1hz dual core CPU and 4gb of DDR3 RAM. Question is, what are the motherboards limitations regarding Graphics Cards, if any? (There is only one PCI-e slot) I currently have a nvidia 9600gt, would that card work?
Stock power supply 430watt.
I also have a 500watt in another system not being used.
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  1. no limitations from the baord ... possibl cpu bottleneck on higher end card and limitations on having an amd dual core

    a good match for your system gien your cpu would be either a gts 450 (what i currently use ) or a hd5770 assumign you have a single 6 pin or 2 free molex connectors

    either woudl be a good match for your system for around 100-125 depending on deals you can find.

    9600 is pretty weak but yes you can use it without any issues
  2. Would the 9600 be better than the Onboard Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 256MB?

    Also, I have the 6-pin connector for the gpu that Y's off into two molex, but only have one open molex from the psu. Suggestions?
  3. yes, a 9600 would be better than a onboard 6150.

    as you have a 6 pin adaptor two molex to one 6 pin andone free and one free molex on your board I'd either free up a molex connector if possible, or buy a new psu if possible, depends on the card as to if it'd need external power, you could run a 5670 without needing a new psu and it doesn't need any external power ie no need for a 6 pin

    i might suggest looking at that spare 500 watt psu you have and see it it would have the extra molex or an actual 6 pin off the psu itself
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