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ok, i just bought my girlfriend a celeron E3300, now im planning on getting Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L iG31 ( as a direct upgrade from the NEC piece of mobo doodoo and an old age P4 3.06gz cpu. now i have read that alot of people have managed to get this 2.5celeron up to about 3.4Ghz-ish or at least 3ghz easy, would the stock cooler be allright for a .50ghz overclock? or should i look at spending about 15/25 on a better air cooler?

P.S. just looked at the new stock cooler, and its got 3 rather small strips of that sticky pre applied heat pad stuff ...shoudl i leave that on? or get it fof and put on some new fresh paste that covers the hole thing?
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  1. I run E3200 at 3ghz 24/7 on stock cooler. I've never tried to go higher because of temps are a little higher than I like.

    I'm sure 3.5 would be very easy with a better cooler. The stock thermal paste is just fine.
  2. allright cheers =D il give it a blast when i can be arsed to take my zalman cnps9800nt cooler off...thats a complete arse to take off/put on. =D
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