Front panel audio jack is not working

Soooo..couple of days ago i did a little servicing on my pc cause i had a problem with my motherboard...before that my front jacks were working properly...i am using win 7 and the driver is High definition audio device...i connect my headphones to the jack and open control panel>sound,it says that no headphones are connected....but when i plug in on the behind jacks they work properly...i say that my headphones are connected properly.i also tried fix it and did a scan and it also says that my headphones are not connected but they are connected!!!!
.i tried with my ipod and my headphones there a problem with the driver or my system or aanyother problem..

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  1. Open your case make sure that the header of the audio front panel is connected to the Mboard
  2. +1 kikireeki

    you can download you motherboard user manual to find out where it is supposed to be plugged in.
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