GTX 470 Dual Display Problem

Problem: My secondary display is blank (No source) on startup. I have to disconnect and reconnect it after startup to get picture.

I recently bought a GTX 470 and I have two HD TV's connected to it. One via HDMI and one by DVI to HDMI.
I have the HDMI set as my main display.
I've had them both connected to a radeon 5850 with the same cords and haven't had this problem so it's not a tv / cord problem.

Also running Windows 7 64 bit
6 gigs of ram
i7 920

Any Ideas? It's getting old having to unplug one of the hdmi cords from my tv every time I want picture to show up. Help please!
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  1. Have you tried the latest video drivers?
  2. I have the most up to date drivers installed. Anything else I should try?
  3. After a week with no replys I tried googling the problem again.....this thread was at the top of the results. That makes me extremely sad. Does anyone know how to fix this? Updating original post a bit.
  4. I was excited to see your original question as I am having the exact same problem. I thought perhaps I needed 2 GPU's to run dual monitors. Bummed noone has chimed in to help!
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