$600 mid tier gaming rig, need help on compatibility

Hi guys, I have a friend who wants a moderately good gaming computer for about 600 dollars. He will be playing games like Battlefield: bad company 2 and Black Ops on a 1600x900 resolution. I have so far built a rig, but I just wanted to know what you thought if it.

Hard Drive:
DVD Drive:

That's the system, still deciding on the monitor and such. Right now, it comes out to about $535 with shipping and tax. Are there any known issues with any of these parts?
Are they all compatible? I did alot of research and everything turned up good.

Thanks for responding.
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  1. I suggest checking out my build guide in my siggy for 600$.

    1. Terrible motherboard.
    2. Graphics is pretty bad, the 460 SE is worse than the 450 GTS which is cheaper by 20$.
    3. That chip is worse than the Athlon II X4 but more expensive, you should get a 925 (like in my build) instead.
  2. Ok thank you, I'll go take a look at the processor and graphics.
    Any sort of idea on what mother board to get around $80-100?
    And I know this isn't the best system ever, but is it a good one for 550 bucks?
  3. Ok aznshinobi, I looked at the processor and the 840 is 3.2GHz, but the 925 is 2.8. Am I missing something?
    As for the graphics, would it be worth it to just add $50 bucks and get a 6850?
    And according to my research it looks like the GTX 460 SE is still better than the GTS 450.
  4. 940 vs 810, Clock rate isn't as important as the CPU's performance itself. It does affect it, but Intel has proven that Clock rate isn't everything. The i7 920 is only 2.66 but it kills the AMD 840.

    Ahhh I guess the 460 SE is better than the 450 GTS, but when the 460 SE loses to a 460 768mb of the same price. That's pretty sad.

    As for the 6850, the extra money would probably benefit in more frames, probably allow for more graphic goodies (AA/AF etc. etc.) The 460 768mb would be fine as well.

    If you look in my guide, I have a seperation between the 600$ and 550$ build. Instead of the 6850 you get the 460 768mb and Destroyer dropping your price down to 550$. Leaving you still with better performance and room for expandability.
  5. alright thanks alot, I shall swap out the case and the graphics card.
    what about mobo's? Would you suggest getting something more like this?
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    Is it possible for you to look at my guide at all? Sorry to be mean or blunt or rude. =P

    Erm.... to future proof I'd suggest something like this.

    Then go with the 6850 as well, in the future you'd be able to crossfire plus that'd cover you when you get a better monitor/bigger.
  7. Yes I did look at the guide, but I was mainly looking at the CPU/GPU parts. I missed the Mobo section. Thanks for the help.
  8. ^ Sorry bout that.

    No problem good luck with the build.
  9. Do u happen to live near a Microcenter?
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